Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our New Adventure: Chickens

I have wanted Chickens for a while!! Last year Jason promised that this year we could get chickens. Jason was not sure about it.  We started looking into coops. Looking on KSL for chicken coops. Last Thursday we were out going to Thanksgiving point, we first stopped at the outlets cause Luke needed new clothes. After we got done shopping my mom called to say there was a chicken coop posted 3 minutes ago and that I should call on it. So a few minutes I did. I called the lady and asked her lots of questions. She was very nice!!! I told her we were interested.   Jason dropped me and the kids off at Thanksgiving point to go to the farm with the kids while he went home to get the big car, and the trailer. He came back and picked us up. Then we headed up to Salt lake to get it. (or to look at it to see if we wanted it) When we got there, it looked super nice but it was going to be VERY HARD to get it out where it was at. The person that lived there before them built it in the space. We had to take down a fence cut some trees down. It was an adventure for sure!! It is SUPER heavy!!!! It took us about 1 and a 1/2 hours to load it. Brady was with us, good thing. We had to get the neighbors to help! It just fit on the trailer. Then we had to drive home. It made me nervous driving on the freeway, but it did great!! So did the chickens! Then next day we moved it off the trailer. It was super easy to move it lots of help!!! 

We got eggs the very next day! I was surprised!  I thought that it would take a while to get some because of the trama of moving them! Sunday was the only day we didn't get eggs!! We have 5 chickens. We have noodle (chicken noodle)-Luke, drumstick-JJ, rosy(Rosetta)-Lacey, Susie (susan)-Lydia, and cheetah-JoJo. 3 brown layers and 2 green egg layers. 

Jason didn't think that the eggs would taste any different so we did a side by side comparison  He said oh yeah the fresh egg was way better and could barely finish the store bought one. 

We got a great deal on the chickens!! What a great blessing!! The kids are loving it!! We all love it too!! Even Jason who wasn't sure!! 

 Moving the Chicken coop

 The next day moving the chicken coop off the trailer. It was way easier moving it off with lots of help. Thanks to everyone that came out to help and our neighbors too!!

 Here the chickens are eating

 One of the first egg

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Here are the kids for Halloween, We have Luke skywalker, 2 cheerleaders, pan

 pouty pan

 The epic dual between pan and hook.....

 Hook and pan hugging :)

 craig and liz came down and joined us. We had lots of fun together, the kids got a lot of candy:)

 Here is the whole family

 heading over to Nana's and Papa's house
 Lacey found the treats