Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Look who is 1!!

We had a ducky party for Joseph just after he turned one. It was alot of fun!! Lots of people came to show there love and support to us. The kids had fun playing in the little pool with Brady and Kate. It was a hot day, so it was perfect to end up in the water!

Joseph wasn't really sure about his cake. He liked feeding it to Luke and Lacey and Lydia better than eating it himself. He is such a cute boy!! I can't believe he is one already!!

He loved the toy that he was playing with so much because he loves balls. He was so excited and talking to it. He so loves that toy!!! Thanks for coming and supporting us!

Our cute boy!!

Here are some cute pictures from Joseph 12 month check up. He wasn't up to getting his picture taken once we got back to the room at the doctors office. He loved playing with the toys till we got called back. Look at all those cute faces!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Joseph is 14 months

I know that I have been gone a while, Summer hit full force with our back to back vacations and I have had a hard time finding time to get everything done! Life is Crazy busy!! The kids are getting so big. I have some to post!!! Here is a little update on how we are all doing.

Lydia started first grade. She loves it, but has a hard time being gone for so long! She is learning lots. She is becoming a better reader.

Luke and Lacey started preschool (again- they miss the cut off by 19 days). They love going to preschool. They now have all day together without Lydia telling them what to do. So it has been a great thing for them just to be by themselves.  They are growing up.  They turn 5 on Sunday!! Crazy I know!!!

Joseph is 14 months today. I can't believe how time has gone by so fast. For the last 2 months I have wanted to post an update on him, but I never got around to it. So here it is.  At his 12 month check up he weighed in at 20.28 pounds in the 14.9%tile. He is 30.75 inches tall and in the 80.5 %tile.

Joseph is still crawling. He has taken like 6 steps, but then he gets down and crawls where he wants to go. I know it is just a matter of time before he does it. He stands for a long time. He has mastered the art of standing independently for quiet a while.

Joseph LOVES balls. He loves all kinds of balls. Today he was throwing his little football to me. He did such a great job!

Joseph can sign a few words, like milk, dog, ball, more, and please(he did that just the other day out of nowhere, it was so cute) I think that is about it. He does do a little bit of baby babbling but not tons. He does get very excited to see Emmy (the baby next door who they like to play together)

Joseph loves to eat! He can eat way more than Lacey can. He just likes to eat all the time. What a boy!
He loves to be outside. Lydia takes him outside and he loves it. He loves our morning bike or running time. (at least most of the time)

Joseph can fold his arms for pray. Tonight at FHE the kids were sitting on there little chairs and he sat on his and folded his arms all by his self. So stinkin cute. I tried to find the camera but couldn't find it. He was so proud of himself. He was sitting in the chair like a big boy!!

Joseph is a very cuddly baby. He loves to give hugs and kisses. When I'm hugging him, he likes to play with my hair. He is a very sweet baby.

Joseph loves to point to your nose and eyes and mouth and then you his. He thinks that it is a funny game. He is growing up so much. We all love Joseph so much!!

I have been busy taking care of the family. We are getting ready to decorate the living room and make it a more functional space. I had to pick out the fabric and the paint and we still have more to pick out. We are getting ready to paint alot of our main house area, (part of the living room, entry way the dining room and kitchen and up the stairs). I can't wait to get going on it. I'm hoping to get it all painted this weekend. But we will see how much we can get done. I have been running and biking with the kids to take Lydia to school everyday. It is great exercise. The twins are getting better at bike the almost 2 and half mile round trip. Lacey does better than Luke does, but I think part of that has to do with Luke still has his training wheels on. Hopefully I can find time and help him learn to ride with out them soon. I have been sewing as well. I am in full swing of swing Halloween customs, Lacey's is all done, Lydia's is almost done. I have so many projects to do it is crazy!! There is always things to sew, or make!!!

Jason is working hard to support our family. He spends lots of hours at work. He loves spending time with us, and he enjoys taking care of our yard. He is a great help when he is home, and we miss him dearly when he is gone. He is still at work right now. It is 8:20pm, and he left the house this morning at 4:45 am. He puts in long hours for us. I love him so much!! I can't wait for him to come home.

I'm going to start getting back to blogging. I was doing so good for a bit. They our vacations hit!!! But I'm back now!