Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Last evening I had the opportunity to take Lydia, Luke, and Lacey out to my parents friends horses. Lydia has been really into horses, so I thought that it might be a fun for her to take some riding lessons. I checked into them and they are WAY expensive so I knew that wasn't going to happen. Good thing I didn't tell her about my thoughts so she didn't get her hopes up. I was telling my mom about Lydia really being into horses. She said that they had some friends with so horses. But of course I forgot about having Lydia calling my dad to set something up....I seem to forget everything these days unless I write it down...It's pretty bad! Oh well I guess that is what happens when you get old. Anyways. On Sunday we went for a walk as a family down by the river! It was so nice, By the way LOVE 9am church!! The kids and Jason were throwing rocks into the river when some horses passed by. Then I remembered about having Lydia call about the horses. So we did it right then before I forgot. My dad was very on top of it and that night he called and had something set up. I had to call Laura who was very nice to arrange the details. Yesterday was the big day. Jason was home so he could stay home with the little boys. (they are sick and its not been very fun)

Let me tell you the kids had a blast. They got to hold chickens, cats, groom a horse, feed her treats, ride her, trot on her, and play on water barrels and just be out in the open. The kids loved it. They all did great! Lydia had so much fun. She said it was way better than she thought it was going to be. She was in heaven. It was the best to watch. I also to ride her...It was great! It brought back lots of memories when I would ride the Anderson's horse. We went to watch Ashley ride her horse down in the arena. The kids watched and then they started playing on water  barrels. What simple entrainment. But they loved it, watching the horses and playing in the open air. It was heaven.

They were each able to have an egg. They thought that was great. Laura told them it would taste better than the white eggs. The kids had them for breakfast this morning. Luke said, "Yep, she was right, they do taste better!" so cute!! Love him....

It is just reminded me of what I wish we could have. I really wish that we could live on 5+ acres, and have chickens, pigs and cows, and maybe even a horse. I really just want space where the kids could go play and have some freedom to explore. I would love to have a HUGE garden, and just take in the world and the beauties that our Father in Heaven has given to us. But that dream takes lots of money and is not possible now or who knows if ever. I"m grateful for Matt and Laura and Ashley to share there animals with us. It was perfect!!