Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Watching the water

The kids love to pull up a chair at Grammy's and Papa's house and watch the water in the pond. Now they have fish in the pond to watch. How fun!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

St. George

Playing volleyball, It was lots of fun, we changed the rules so that it was easier for all of us to play! Fun but HOT!
Luke being cute!
All of us hiking at the Red Rocks
Our Family

Lydia so cute!!
Joseph ready for our hike!!
Lydia doing Lacey hair, what a good big sister!!

Getting ready!
Brady and Luke

Lacey coloring
Lacey, Luke, and Lydia at the pool
The girls
Joseph playing in the water
The Peterson men playing in the water having fun!!
Brady doing a flip
Joseph taking a nap out at the pool! What a sweet baby!!
Jason carrying the pool toys to the pool!

Back at the beginning of May we went to St. George with Jason family for a little vacation. It was very fun! Lots of time to be at the pool relaxing! The kids love the water so they had a absolute blast playing outside and in the pool. The weather was pretty nice, not supper hot, but it was still fun!! Joseph did really well in the water which I wasn't sure that he would do that good, but he loves the water just like everyone else in our family!!!