Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Vacuum

On Saturday we went to some garage sales. I got a few little things, nothing to exciting, but our very last one they had this little vacuum. It looks like a toy vacuum, but it is a real functional vacuum. The kids think it is the best thing. They tried it out first thing when we got back to Grammy's and papa's house. It was a huge hit!! Everyone loved it. This morning, I sent Lydia upstairs with it to vaccum my room. She did a great job!! She could even carry it up and down the stairs and got the cord all put away all by herself. Lacey Vacuumed the Family room, she did pretty good, I had to make sure she got all the spots. All and all a great buy. They love it and now i can keep my house vacuumed!! Yeah!! Here is Lacey in action. I didn't get any pictures of Lydia because I was doing the dishes while she was vacuuming.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Yesterday we had a very nice day. I made Jason breakfast in bed, and then we went to church. After Lunch we all took naps. The kids were so tired from staying up the night before they all fell asleep so fast!! Luke was so much happier after his naps. He had so many meltdowns before that. It was nice. We went to see my dad for a bit then headed over to the Peterson's for dinner. It was a great fathers Day! I love you Jason so much! You are a great dad to our kids!! I love my dad so much! He is so great with the Grandkids and helps us out alot. Thanks dad for all that you do!! I Love you!!

Lacey and Lydia being Cute!!

The girls were being so cute at Nana's and Papa last night. Here are some pictures of the fun!!

The Dresses are DONE!!!

I"m so glad that the dresses are done!! I have been busy working on them. They love them and look so cute. I'm still working on what I'm going to do with the hair. I have been looking at lots of hair blogs and trying out new hair styles. Lacey loves getting here hair done,but Lydia on the other hand doesn't' really like it because she has such a tender head and it hurts her. Now I have to make Lukes suit and vest! I'm hoping to get it done this week.

Father son Hike

Jason took Luke to hike the Y last Thursday. Jason said he did great. He only started to complain a little when they were 3/4 to the top, he wanted to turn around and come back. They had lots of fun! They spotted 4 Lizards while they were gone!

Bear Lake

This is Lydia interpretation of the caves. What a great job!!

We went to Bear Lake two weeks ago. We had lots of fun, other than the weather it was great. The kids had a great time playing with there cousins!! We went to the Minnetonka caves. It was very cool!! Lots of steps over 800 there and back. The kids loved it, Jason especially loved it!!