Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Utah Lake fun!!

A few Saturdays we had went to Utah Lake becasue they were having there annual event(I can't remember what it is called) with Games and fun for the kids. We were planning on getting there right at the beginning but something came up and I ended up taking the kids with my mom to the Lake. The thing that came up was Jason's parents were pooring sement in for there back pattio. It turned out very nice. It was lots of work!! We got there for the last hour of fun.

The kids really wanted to get there face painted but it was closed when we got there, but my mom asked the lady if she could get in line and try to see if we could make it. We made it just in time. Thanks to Grammy waiting in line the kids were able to get there face painted while I took them around to making fish hats, blow the boat races, and fishing, and this shooting the duck game. The kids had lots of fun. Lacey and Lydia raced against each other in the blowing the boats and Lacey won. The funny thing is that she didn't even blow the boat, it went by it self. She was very proud of herself, they loved it. At the facepainting Lydia got a Butterfly, Lacey got a heart, and Luke got the spidermans web on his eye. They did a great job!!


Analeis Paul said...

Kelly & Nan's backyard looks amazing! Good job guys!
Oh, and I LOVE the face paint! It makes me want to be a little kid again so I can get it!

the DeCampos Family said...

You guys are always going fun things. I love the trip to St George. Only a few more weeks..

Beau and Candace said...

How fun, you'll have to let us know about stuff like that. We don't really hear about fun things to do with kids. Kelly and Nan's backyard looks awesome!