Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Part 4- Disneyland

 The Big group picture we took out in front of out old church.

 Disneyland group picture (Not everyone is in it, but is it the only one we got)
 Mommy and Lacey
 Lydia and papa riding the cars together

 The girls at the princess story time.

 In the Tree house
 Our family

 Lydia first ride of the day. She was the only one that was tall enough to go on Indiana Jones
 Lydia with Daddy

 Papa and Grammy and Lydia

 Our splash mountain adventure. Lacey didn't like it at all!!! Lydia loved it, and luke liked it.

 Buzz ride, we loved it! We went on it 3 or 4 times

 Grammy and Luke in the cars
 Lacey driving

 It's a small world. Joseph is taking a nap!
 The kids loved it

 Our family with Minnie

 Cute kids
 Lacey is resting
 Roller coaster that Lydia and Luke loved!

 Going back to the car. Long day!!
 They went to sleep so fast!!

 Packing up at our hotel

 Swimming while daddy is packing the car.
 I couldn't find Joseph swim suit so he went in his PJ's

 Getting warm!!
 Fun in the pool

We had so much fun on our trip to California!! We loved it.