Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lacey's bike Crash

I was running on the bike trail with the kids. I was pushing the boys in the jogger and the girls were on there bikes. Lacey was not paying attention and there was this biker(who was an old man) passing us. I yelled up to her to move to the side, but she didn't hear me. When the man passed her it must have scared her, she turned her bike went off the trail and down the hill and crashed into some bushes and a tree. She was ok. We made it home. What a sport.


Linda said...

So sorry Lacey!! Glad it wasn't any worse! We love you!

nana said...

Lacey, you look so sad, and I feel so bad that you got an owwee, but look how you still can smile, thru it all. You are such a good sport. If you want to call me, and tell me more, I would love you to do that. I love you, and either way will talk to you soon.

the DeCampos Family said...

ouch, that looks like it hurt. what a sport!!