Tuesday, September 25, 2007

swimming mermaids

The girls love taking bath in our bath tub so they can swim. I think that it is so cute. The girls were swimming while i was getting Luke ready for church, Doesn't he look handsome.

Luke has a had time, when it comes time for pictures, some reason he doesn't like it that much we are trying to work on that.

Twin's Turned 2

I loved this picture, becasue Luke doesn't like the mask on that is why he is crying.

I can't believe that it has been two years since Luke and Lacey were born. They had there birthday last wednesday and there party on Friday night. They had alot of fun opening there present. There nursery teacher bought them over ballons and cookies and wooden puzzels for there birthday. It was so nice of her. I can't wait till they are wearing underwear!! But that will not be for a while!! Here are some pictures. The theme for the party was noahs ark, 2 by 2. It was 2 by 2 becasue there are 2 of them turning 2. I thought that it was perfect!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lydia first day of Pre-school

Lydia was so excited to start pre-school today. She took her back pack and was looking so big!! Papa called her this morning to wish her a good day at school. Lydia liked talking on the phone to her papa, but Luke was a little sad that he didn't get to talk on the phone. Here is a picture of Lydia ready for pre-school. We walked Lydia to Gwen's house. Luke and Lacey came along for the wagon ride. Lacey looked so cute in her pink slipper boots, I had to take pictures of that as well. After we took Lydia to Gwen's then we walked over to Papa house to get the memory card. The twins played for a few minutes. Lacey was being so cute I had to take her pictue, Luke didn't want his picture taken, that is why there are none of him.

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend, Jason had the whole weekend off. We went to the Temple on Friday afternoon. That was very nice, we hadn't been in a while, we were also the witness couple, which was nice as well. On Saturday we went to a two garage sales and we did really well, then we went and got donuts and chocolate milk. After that we went up to BYU to get the kids some BYU shirts, we had one, that Lydia used to wear, so now it is Lukes and the girls got new shirts. Go cougars. After naps we took the kids to the park and then went over to Grammy and Papas house to eat calazones(pizza) and watch the BYU football game, but they didn't win. Too bad!! Hope they win this Saturday!! We also took pictures with the kids and my Great Grandma Seipert that was down from Idaho. It was nice having her around, but now she is gone to stay at uncle rexs for a bit. On Sunday Jason was able to go to church with us and then we went over to Grammys and Papas for dinner and played Ticket to ride. Grammy won and I came in second. It was a nice weekend, I love when Jason is home and we can have fun together.

Sunday Pictures

We went over to Grammys and Papa two sundays ago and took pictures of the kids on Grammy's new bench. Here are some of the cute ones. They helped Grammy pick apples off her tree. They thought it was great! Luke was having a hard time, and didn't really want his picture taken, but we did the best we could.