Tuesday, September 25, 2007

swimming mermaids

The girls love taking bath in our bath tub so they can swim. I think that it is so cute. The girls were swimming while i was getting Luke ready for church, Doesn't he look handsome.

Luke has a had time, when it comes time for pictures, some reason he doesn't like it that much we are trying to work on that.


Amy Amann said...

Luke does look like a handsome prince. Love the naked bottoms. I don't know why kids love the bath. But a bath is definately better with two kiddos!

Julie Jan said...

How cute is that of the girls swimming in your bathtub. The boys like to take baths in ours too. Luke is such a handsome stud. I can't believe the twins turned 2. About time for another one...right!!!

Emily said...

They have the cutest little white pahtooties I have ever seen! LOL

Nice tub Mrs. Peterson! ;)

Emily said...

And Lukey is so handsome!