Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chirstmas Day!!

Lacey is so cute in her new Dress up from her Aunt Amanda
Lydia is all dressed up from the dress up at Nana house.

Lydia in her new PJ with her new baby and the rocking horse

Christmas Morning at our house. This is our tree, and we love it so much. The kids got bikes from Santa this year. They can't wait to go outside and ride them, but it has been so cold. It was like 15 degrees yesterday. So they won't be going outside for a while, so now they ride them around the Kitchen and living room.
Luke was running and happy.

Lacey was running and happy.

Luke with both Spidermans that he got. He was in Heaven.
Lacey in the cute dress. I love her in it because i think it looks great next to her skin tones.

We had a great day. We had Christmas morning at our house then we had breakfast with the traditional casserole, pull a part, homemade OJ chocolate milk. It was so good! Then we were off to Jason parents house and opened presents and enjoyed there company. Then we headed to my Parents were we open more present then had family dinner then played ticket to ride. we had lots of fun. Even with Lydia and Luke sick. They loaded up on the Tylenol then they were fine. Although Lydia never felt great all day long, she was really pretty good. They had a long day, over all a few melt downs and lots of crying but made it through alive. We had lots of fun being with our family. Merry Christmas to all. Have a happy New year.

Christmas Eve

Lydia as Mary and Luke as Joseph. Luke has this headband thing and it made him look so funny, becasue he wouldn't open his eyes all the way.
Luke, Lydia and lacey around Jonthan that played baby Jesus, it was so cute.

Lydia and Lacey in front of Grammy tree.
Luke in front of Grammys tree.

Luke with his eyes as far as they would open

Monday, December 17, 2007

Todd Won!!!

WE all know I love Survivor, They just finished Survivor China and Todd won.....Man he played the game to the tee....and he won. I didn't think that he was going to do it but he did...Way to go Todd!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Cindi and Marice Tagged me a long time ago, so I was thinking about what to write and then i forgot I'm doing it, but I can't remember what i was going to write!! So here it goes I will see how many I get down.

1. I love having a Boy. I thought that i would only want to have girls, but I love having a boy, Luke, he is so much fun. I hope that the next child we have is a boy. Luke is so cute and fun and different from the girls. I love it.
2. I want to have 7 children. I want a large family. I used to want 12 when i was younger now i feel good about 7.
3. I love doing my girls hair, but they never keep it in, so that is a little frustrating.
4. I love reality TV. All the show, survivor the amazing Race, The Bachelor all those I love.
5. I love Warm fuzzy socks, or slippers they keep my feet warm.
6. I love the beach.....we had so much fun there last year.....I can't wait to go this year. Love California in general, but we won't live there because it is too expenisive, i mean if we are going to have 7 kids come on that is not going to happen!!

I Tag Shirlene and Liz and Emily.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Frosty the Snowman

Luke playing in the snow.
Lydia in a Skirt, becasue she always wants a skirt on.....

Lacey eating carmel Popcorn inside while the other kids play outside

Yesterday it snowed, not that much but the kids love the snow, well at least Luke and Lydia do. The kids went over to Grammy and Papa house so that Jason and I could get some work done around the house. Jason put up curtains up in Luke and Lacey room, and in Lydias room. They look so good!! I was working on some Christmas presents. It was nice to have them gone, and they loved playing with their cousins. Here is the snowman they made. Lydia said that his name is First name Frosty the snowman middle name Santa Clause and the last name BYU. What a name. Lydia is learning to spell her name so she is very intrested in names! Here is Frosty. We have so much more snow this morning. The kids are getting ready to go play in it. Hope they don't freeze.

Christmas with Santa

Grammy with Lydia and Abby
Santa and Lacey
Santa with Luke and Lacey

Last Saturday we went to my mom's work party at BYU and the kids got to see Santa and make a craft. The girls made snowman bracelets and Luke with his dad made this cute Christmas tree. Luke took all the little ornaments off it it, and broke it, but he had fun doing both. Here are some pictures. Lydia did very well, but on the other hand the twins didn't do to hot. They didn't like it, maybe they will do better next year.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Jason has finally graduated with his Bachelors in Nursing! He has been going to school for so long!! The whole time that we have been married he has been going to school full time, and before we meet he had lots of schooling done. Jason was one class short of getting a double bachelors in Biology and nursing, but in the end he didn't want to take the one class to get both, which I don't blame him. He is done with school for now. Now is my turn. Yeah...... I'm so proud of Jason!! He did it. He finished up his bachelors with almost a 4.0 in the bachelors part of his program. Way to go Jason. I love you. You Rock!