Monday, December 10, 2007


Cindi and Marice Tagged me a long time ago, so I was thinking about what to write and then i forgot I'm doing it, but I can't remember what i was going to write!! So here it goes I will see how many I get down.

1. I love having a Boy. I thought that i would only want to have girls, but I love having a boy, Luke, he is so much fun. I hope that the next child we have is a boy. Luke is so cute and fun and different from the girls. I love it.
2. I want to have 7 children. I want a large family. I used to want 12 when i was younger now i feel good about 7.
3. I love doing my girls hair, but they never keep it in, so that is a little frustrating.
4. I love reality TV. All the show, survivor the amazing Race, The Bachelor all those I love.
5. I love Warm fuzzy socks, or slippers they keep my feet warm.
6. I love the beach.....we had so much fun there last year.....I can't wait to go this year. Love California in general, but we won't live there because it is too expenisive, i mean if we are going to have 7 kids come on that is not going to happen!!

I Tag Shirlene and Liz and Emily.


Shelly Beth said...

Hm, so I was thinking. You and I might be prego around the same time next time....Yeah! Gotta get working on those 7 kids. That's how many we wanted to, but if I don't get any multiples, it might not happen!

the DeCampos Family said...

Yeah!!!! Thanks for doing it. The things we learn about people. I am the same way with the whole hair thing. Hadlee even destroys the bows. Why make them????

Jason said...

I am not so sure about this 7 kids thing :(