Friday, September 25, 2009

On September 11th this year Darik, Amanda, Brady, Kate, and I went and hiked Mount Timpanogos (Timp). Even though we have all lived here our whole lives, none of us had done this hike before -- though Darik had done about 75% of it. Timp is such a beautiful mountain. It's no wonder that it is Utah's most hiked peak. One of the most physically exhausting things I have ever done, it was still well worth it. I loved every minute of this hike. Pictures can not do the beauty justice. It took us a lot longer to get to the summit than any of us were expecting. I called Kristin from the top (@ about 4:15 pm) and she was NOT happy. I must say that her anger was justified though, she thought that I would be home soon - nope! We ended up not getting off the mountain till around 9 pm. The next day I was pretty sore, but the day after that I just wanted to do the hike again; it was so awesome! I can't wait to do it again, and hopefully I can convince my wife to hike it with me some day.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Joseph two month check up

We have been super busy around here so I'm way behind!! On the 14th of September Joseph had his check up. Joseph was 2 months and 1 day. He weighed in at 13.01 at the 80%tile, what a big boy!! He is very tall! Yeah hopefully he will stay that way! He was 24.25 inches long and 90.14 %tile. My little Joseph has a smaller head. Oh well he is still cute. it is 15.75 inches and in the 50.82 %tile. While we were there he got his shot. Joseph was a little fussy that afternoon, but seem to be doing better the next day. WE sure do love him.
He is smiling alot more now! He sleeps through the night, He is pretty much happy all the time. He doesn't like to have a messy diaper and lets you know about it. He is starting to talk! he loves to suck on his hands! He growing so fast!! We love him so much!!

Joseph's first swing

Two Sunday's ago we had the Peterson's over for family dinner. After dinner we were outside and Joseph went in the swing. He had a good time! Lacey had a good time as well!

Girl's haircut

The girls got there haircut a few weeks ago. It is great!! I love it. No more crying to get there hair brushed! It is great! Lydia loves it and she can brush all her hair now. It is perfect. I do miss being able to put it up cute but oh well. It is way easier this way. Lacey loves her hair as well!! Lydia looks like Kit the American girl doll and that is who she wanted to look like.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some pictures from Joseph's blessing day.
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Cougar famliy night

A few weeks ago we went to Cougar Family night. We got there a little late and there lots of people already in line to get the player autographs so we weren't able to get any thing signed. Next year we will be better prepared!! We signed up for a drawing to win a free I-pod touch. There were tons of people signing up so we did too. Jason said that he was going to win and I said yeah right. I got a Shade cougar shirt and the kids ran this race Lydia did really good, but the twins on the other hand were crying running the course. I don't know why they were crying but they were. The kids got balloon swords and had a good time.

The day before Jason birthday Jason got a call while he was at work, he had won an I-pod touch! What a lucky guy and a great Birthday present. He had been wanting one for sometime and had been saving his money for one!! But I guess there might be new I-pod touchs coming out in a few days so we returned it to the Apple store and he has apple credit for $244 wow what a nice gift. He wants the new one that might be coming out on the 9th, so just a few more days. It was a 8 GB and he was a 32 GB so Yeah for Jason!!

Jason 34th Birthday!

Grandma Maughan holding Joseph while Kate is rubbing his head!

For Jason Birthday we had a great day!! Jason started out his birthday by going on a hike up to the top of one of the mountains. He said that it was great, and hard. He enjoyed himself. For lunch we went to Tucanos, It was great. The kids ate really good, and we loved it!! Then that night we had a party at our house. We had Ice cream cake and lots of family came over and had fun. The kids loved it!! Jason had a great Birthday this year!! As you can tell we are huge BYU football fans. It starts tomorrow! Go cougars!! Joseph loves getting his head rubbed. That is how we got him to smile so big.

I was in the garage showing my mom something, when Lacey comes asks me to come inside, I said we would be in in a minute. Then my dad comes out and says that it is a matter of life and death so I go inside and they have our little baby Joseph in the middle of the parachute . That was a no no and hurry and took him out. I couldn't believe that Jason would do that to little Joseph. Good thing I came inside to rescue him!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Joseph's Bath

The other day I was giving Joseph a bath and Lydia wanted to take some pictures. She did pretty good. So here are some pictures of the bath, taken from Lydia. Most of the pictures can't be put on the blog because she didn't do them from the belly up. Oh well. Here are a few. She loves taking pictures!!

Lydia first day of Kindergarten

Lydia is having a blast at school. She has been very excited to start school and loves going each and every day!! The twins are adjusting to life without her and are learning to play together! It is a great bonding time for them! Lydia loves everything about school. She loves that her good friend Nichole is in her class and they get to sit at the same table. She loves school. I hope that it continues!