Sunday, March 28, 2010


We love this picture of Joseph. He is so cute!!! Love that little boy!!

outside play

The weather has been warming up, so that means we can play outside. Lydia is learning to ride her bike without training wheels. She is so close!! She just needs a little more confidence and I know that she can so it!! Joseph loves playing with balls!!! He loves them tons!!

Kristin's Birthday

After dinner Jason family came over to our house for cake and Ice cream. It was nice we just ended up hanging out and eating! Which I love! The cake was Great! Thanks Amanda and Kate fore the great cake. I loved it!!

I had a birthday a few weeks ago. I turned 27 years old. Jason wasn't feeling good on my birthday and my parents went to Texas for Landon's Baptism, so we have been celebrating all month long! It's been very nice. On my Birthday Nicole took me to Rumbi for dinner, It was so good!! I loved it. Great food, great company = a great night. Thanks Nicole!I took the camera with me but it never made it out of my purse so I didn't get any pictures. It was a great Birthday!
The next night Jason was feeling better so he took me to dinner to great Mexican place in orem. It was so good! Food was great. Here are some pictures but they are a little blurry, but they are all we have.

Joseph on the Move

Joseph is always on the move!! He can go up the stairs and can come down them now! He rolled down the stairs a few times, but now can go down the few steps no problem! He loves his freedom!! Joseph is such a happy little guy! He can pull himself up and hold onto things. He likes to play with the big kids in the toy room. I know Joseph wants to be big so that he can play with them.

Joseph still only has two teeth! Hopefully he will get more soon. He loves to eat!! He is starting to eat more foods now that his mommy is letting him. He is happier now that he is eating more. He likes anything that you give him! Mommy is sad that Joseph is growing up so fast and wishes he would stay little. Jason on the other hand likes that he is starting to play with him and likes that he is getting bigger. Joseph is mostly wearing 12 months clothes now. The 6-9 month pants are too short. He is a tall boy!!

Joseph loves to put anything in his mouth he can find. I am trying to keep everything picked up but I fall short a lot!!

Joseph loves to be held and to give hugs on your shoulder. What a sweet boy. We sure love Joseph! We are so glad that he is apart of our family!!!

Disney on Ice

Lydia got to go to the Disney on Ice on March 10th. She went with her cousin Beth and family for an early birthday present for Beth. Lydia had so much fun! She loved it. She looked at the magazine for days. She still talks about it!! This is Lydia ready to go! Thanks Leslie and Dan for taking her! She loved it!!


On a warm day a few weeks ago, we went in the backyard and Joseph went swinging in the baby swing. He had lots of fun! He had big smiles on his face most of the time. Lacey enjoyed pushing him. Joseph really enjoys being outside! He just loves it!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Ok So I have been missing from blogging for the last month, but life has been crazy! Here is what we have been up too lately: 2 Utah Flash games, a trip to Monroe to visit Jason's Grandparents, My Birthday, sledding, couponing, sewing, gardening, cleaning, taking care of the kids, tons of reading, playing, I took up running, Jason has been working tons of hours, festival of colors, date nights....I have lots to update. I hope to update some tomorrow. But we are all doing well!!