Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Jason!!

Jason had his 32nd birthday yesterday. We went and saw Harry Potter, and then went to dinner with his family to the Goodwood BBQ. Jason loved it. Lydia did also, she loved the pulled pork.Then we came back to our house and had Cake and Ice cream. It was a very fun day. Happy Birthday Jason. Jason got season ticket to the BYU football games. They start on Saturday, he can't wait.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Yellowstone con.....

Here is Jason and Luke. Luke loves being in the baby backpack.
Here is a Bull Elk, I didn't know how this one got posted,....oh well
Here are the kids playing on a tracker.
We took a break from driving and went on this trail to the river, it was way nice.
Lacey and mommy.

Lydia showing us how cute she is. It is cold this day, but Lydia would only wear a skirt. so here she is.
We are eating lunch off our little table. It just stoped raining.
We went all the way to mammoth hot springs. Here we are Lacey is not to happy, getting her picture taken.
I love this picture, lacey is looking at the binoculars upside down. It is so cute!!

This is Lydia with her second cousins, Daxton and Dakota, she loved being with them.


Here are all of us at the Lower Falls. It is pretty windy.
This is by the camp fire and it has just finished raining. The kids got some light sticks that night.
Here are Nana and Papa with Lydia luke and Lacey, with Daddy in the background.
Here are Luke Lacey and Lydia enjoying breakfeast.

Lacey is
putting stuff down her swimming suit. I thought that it was funny. We went swimming at cool water hole. This is Luke and Lacey looking over at the edge at one of the hot pots.

Lydia is looking over.
Jason with a Bison

We just got back last night from Yellowstone. We had a family Reunion up there, and had a blast. It rained every day and got very cold at night, but we still had fun. The kids did really well, on the way home the twins were done with there car seats, but we finally made it home! Yeah! We have tons of laundry and the washer hasn't stoped since we have been home. hopefully we will be done soon!! Here are some pictures of our adventures. we were there 4 days.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sick Babies

ON Monday Luke and Lacey weren't feeling well, and they both let me hold them at the same time. This a big thing becasue they never let me hold them at the same time. Aren't they so cute. I love when they both let me hold them. They are all better now, I think....