Monday, August 20, 2007

Yellowstone con.....

Here is Jason and Luke. Luke loves being in the baby backpack.
Here is a Bull Elk, I didn't know how this one got posted,....oh well
Here are the kids playing on a tracker.
We took a break from driving and went on this trail to the river, it was way nice.
Lacey and mommy.

Lydia showing us how cute she is. It is cold this day, but Lydia would only wear a skirt. so here she is.
We are eating lunch off our little table. It just stoped raining.
We went all the way to mammoth hot springs. Here we are Lacey is not to happy, getting her picture taken.
I love this picture, lacey is looking at the binoculars upside down. It is so cute!!

This is Lydia with her second cousins, Daxton and Dakota, she loved being with them.


Emily said...

I love the one of you guys in front of the lake! I haven't been to Yellowstone since I was a kid- probably 7 or 8 but I can still remember it... Mooses grazing so close to the road you could stick your hand out and practically touch them. Bison everywhere. I loved it. I always wanted to go back but it's a family trip kind of thing and I don't have a family. :( Glad you had a great time. The kids look great!

Amy Amann said...

I lvoe Luke's smile. It is so cute and almost cheezy. He must love the camera because he has a fabulous smile in every picture!