Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday Fun Day!!

On Monday, Jason wanted to take the kids to see Bolt at the dollar movie. (Actually it is .50 a person with a group of 3 or more. So it cost $2.50 for our family to see Bolt, What a great deal!!) The kids had lots of fun!! Lydia sat through the movie great, Luke and Lacey had a harder time sitting through the whole movie but they made it. The kids loved it!! This is the first movie that we went to as a family. After the movie we went and got shakes at Iceberg. We had a caramel and Raspberry shake. We only eat half of each and took the rest home for later. It was lots of fun!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kristin's idea of a fun Friday night. (By Jason)

Yesterday Kristin was very sick, and writhing in pain all day. She talked to the on-call OB doc on the phone and he told her to go to the ER to see want was going on. So around 6 pm we dropped the kids off at her parents' house and started our fun Friday night.
In the ER they did some blood and urine work and found that her white blood cell count was elevated -- a lot! That combined with the symptoms that she was having made them think that she might have appendicitis, so we started prepping ourselves for the possibility of emergency surgery.

The other thought was that she could have a kidney stone, so they took her (juiced on morphine) over to the ultra sound department to check for stones(they would normally do a CT scan, but that's not safe for the baby). Luckily they found no stones and could not even visualize the appendix. So back to the ER we went and waited for the doc to talk to the surgeon to decide what to do next. They decided to try an MRI to take a better look at the appendix, then back to the ER to wait for the results. Eventually the doc came in and said that it did not look like there was any appendicitis, so no surgery.
So, what they think is happening is that Kristin's uterus is smushing in on the tube from the kidney to the bladder on the right side, not letting the urine through like it should so it's backing up to her kidney and there is mild to moderate swelling that is causing all the pain. The only thing that they can to to fix it would be to put in a stent and they say people have tons of pain with those too, so they didn't feel like it was really worth it. Basically Kristin just has to live with it until the baby comes and releases the pressure. They gave her prescriptions for nausea and pain meds and told us to come back if the pain gets much worse or if she develops a fever.
We are just very grateful that Kristin did not have to have surgery and that there is nothing wrong with the baby. It was an exhausting night though and we ended up being in the ER for just a hair under six hours. Since it was Friday night, lots of places were still open, so I took Kristin to Sonic for a hot fudge sundae afterwords.

Oh yeah, while we were in the ultrasound dept I asked the tech to just look to verify that there was only one baby --which there is. That's all I asked for, but he asked if we wanted to know the baby's sex. He then showed us that we are having a BOY! I was so excited! I could not stop smiling for the rest of the ultrasound. I was kind of surpised how excited I was that it's a boy, but I think I would have been as excited for a girl too. It's just nice to know. I took some video while he was looking at the baby, so I'll try to put that on too.
So now we need to come up with a name. We don't have anything picked out yet, so we are open to suggestions here. And just to clarify: We are not going to be doing another L name.

Katie's Wedding

Katie (my cousin) got married on Thursday to John, who seems very nice!! We had a great day and it was nice to be with family. My aunt Loretta, Cheryl and my cousin Jessica came out for the big event. It was great to see them, and they are always lots of fun!! The kids had a great time dancing at the family party, I didn't get any pictures of them dancing but my parents did and I need to get some pictures from them. Here is what I took. The picture of my dad is a little funny but he is wearing Jessica's coat because he forgot it in the car. I think that it is a little small. Don't move dad. Unfortunately , Jason had to work and wasn't able to come enjoy little we did. We missed you Jason!!

Valentines Day

We had a great Valentines days!! Jason worked Friday so when he cam home I surprised him with Chocolate cover strawberries! They were great! He loved them, so I think that I will do them again!! On valentines morning, Jason surpised me with Breakfeast in bed!! OH it was great. He thought out everything. He went to the store after work and got everything for omlets. All kinds of toppings he had it. He made me this cute little meanu, that I could pick what I wanted on it. He severed it with fresh fruit. I didn't get a picture at the beginning, but here is what was left. On Saturday afternoon, Nan watched the kids so that we could go to lunch. (Thanks Nana for watching the kids) It was so fun, we went to Carabba's. We have never been there before, and it was awesome!! We share sirlion Marsarla!! It was so good!! Jason fell inlove with it, and was craving it for days. We had a strawberry lemonaide, oh it was so good!! We loved it and will going back for sure!!! We made cookies, and decoated them and passed some out to Karen, my parents and Brady and Kate. Jason really wanted them, so he made them with the kids and then the kids helped him decorate the cookies. Then to finish up the evening we wathced PS I love you. It was a little slow moving, but we liked it in the end.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

No more Baths!!

A few weeks ago, Jason started showering the kids instead of Bathing them. I love it. It is so much easier and the kids love it. We are teaching them to do it themselves, but for a while still we still help them. It is the best thing. I sit at the back of the shower and I don't even get wet!! It is great. I think the kids feel a great deal of Independence. We took this picture of Luke in the shower a few days ago, and I thought that it was so cute. I had to put it on!! Luke loves his showers!!!

The Artist

Lydia Luke and Lacey have found a new Love Painting!! They love it and want to do it all the time. They did such a great job!! Here they are hard at work!! Lacey left no inch of her paper white. It was all painted!! They did great!!

Lydia's 5th Birthday

Lydia blowing her candles out at the party with the family. For some reason we only got pictures of her at the cake while they were singing to her. Bummer!

Lydia and her cupcake!
The girls and Luke playing and having a blast!!

Everyone!Beth getting her makeup done!
Lydia and Luke
Lydia and Lacey
Lydia and Nichole
Beth getting her nails Painted

Lydia and Gwen

Lydia had a great day for her Birthday. Jason had the day off work. We took her out to lunch at the Burger supreme. Lydia got to pick where we went. She said that she wanted a Burger, fries and a shake. Well she mostly just at the fries and the shake. This is the first time that Lydia has gotten her own meal, and she was in Heaven. The food was great, and Nan stopped bye while we were there. It was lots of fun. Lydia had two parties, one with her friends and one with our families. She had Beth, Nichole, Gwen(her Birthday buddy) Luke and Lacey. They had so much fun. They decorated Crowns, got there nails painted, got makeup on, danced, had cupcakes, and opened presents. They had tons of fun. Here are pictures of the Fun event. Beth was the first one to get her finger nails painted so for some reason we didn't get a picture of Lydia and Beth. Sad!! Because her fingers were drying.

Wii Fit

Jason got a Wii fit a few weeks ago. He absolutely loves it. I on the other hand think it is fine and will use it more after I'm not pregnant anymore, because it doesn't know that I'm pregnant and it think that I'm way old in my Wii fit age because it doesn't know. Here is Lydia and Jason going for a Run. Sorry it is a little blurry but they are moving so it was hard to get it to focus.

Shirlene's Birthday

For Shirlene's Birthday we went to get our makeup done and then went to lunch at Mimi's. We had lots of fun!! Happy birthday Shirlene. Yes, I did cut my Hair off, but when I get pregnant I normally cut my hair a lot shorter but this time, I thought that I would wait till after the baby was born to cut it shorter. This length is great. I love it and it is easy to do and it feels great!!

Our Date night out at the Jazz Game


Jason gave me Jazz ticket , for Christmas. We had a great time! We went to dinner and then to the game. It was lots of fun. Brady had given Kate tickets too, but for some reason we didn't take any pictures of all of us. So here we are at dinner and then the game!! Go Jazz. They beat the Lakers last night Yeah! Go team!!