Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hiking with the kids (by Jason)

Kristin left yesterday morning to go visit her friend Emily in California for a couple of days, so I have been taking care of the kids. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, so they played outside and I took them to the park to play where we met up with Darik. We decided it would be fun to take the kids up in the mountains. So I went home and got them jeans and sweaters and we drove up to South Fork in Provo canyon and went on a little hike with Darik and Amanda. The kids had a blast! We found a couple beaver dams and built a little fire. It was evening by the time we started our hike, so the warmth of the fire was nice. It was so fun and the kids did great with the hiking part. Here are some pics of the evening:

Lacey the tree hugger.

Lydia the tree climber

Luke the tree punisher

Amanda and the girls

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Sling!!

OK so Shirlene got a sling with Sarah and she loved it. So, I wanted one, but they are $75 and up to buy a nice one. Well there is no way that I would spend that kind of money on a sling!! So i went to look on the internet on how to make on. There are tons of different kinds of slings and I wasn't sure what kind I wanted. I joined this Yahoo, sling sewing group, and this is the sling that most people loved. So, I decided to try it out. I made it, it was very easy!! I tried it with Lacey and she loved being in it!!! It wasn't even heavy for me to carry her. I think that I"m going to love it once the new baby comes, so I can hold him close and still be able to get things done! Here are some pictures of the finally sling. I put one of Lacey baby dolls in to see what it would be like with a Newborn. It worked great!! I love it!!

New Cute Project

I have been working on this so cute apron!! I love how it turned out!! It is so cute. I had Shirlene model it because I didn't think that it would look cute on me with my belly. So here it is!! Let me know what you think!