Monday, February 22, 2010

Rite Aid

I did great at Rite Aid this week!!! Here is what I got:
8 Johnson and Johnson Baby wash
1 bag of Valentine suckers
1 box of hello kitty valentines (for next year)
They had a sale on Johnson and Johnson baby products, if you bought one then the second one was .01 cent. I didn't think much about it last night and was not going to go to Rite aid this morning because I didn't have any money to spend. Nicole called me this morning and said told me about it, and said that I could get 2 bottles for .70 cents plus tax. So I thought about it, Nicole also had said that if I did 20 dollars worth that it would be so cheap. So I went. The valentines candy was 75% off so each bag was .74 cents. Each two bottles of baby wash was 4.70 here are the coupons I used:
1-$5 off of a $20 purchase
8- $1 off Johnson and Johnson baby wash
8- $1 off rite aid coupon on Johnson and Johnson baby wash

Guess what my grand total was: I spent a whopping .25 cents. That is right only .25 cents. I felt like I robbed the place on how good I did. I was so happy!!! Yeah for me. Thanks Nicole for some of the coupons and telling me about this!! We needed this!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Joseph's Surgery

On Thursday Joseph had surgery. When went to primary Children's hospital outreach in Riverton. Everyone was supper nice, we were like the only ones in there. It was nice and clean. Joseph was thought to have a hypospadias at birth. So they sent us to the specialist. When we had our consultation a few weeks ago, He wasn't sure that is what was going on with Joseph. He couldn't tell on his initial exam, so we schedule surgery and they would find out what was going on when they were in there. The doctor was great! We really liked him. He did a great job! It turned out that Joseph just had funky foreskin and a circumcision took care of the problem. Joseph was very happy before he went back to Surgery. He was playing and having fun with the toys before they took him back! He was in Surgery for about an hour. After the surgery the doctor was very great at explaining things, which was very nice.

When I got to go see Joseph after surgery he was freaking out, and just wanted me, not the nurses!! He was crying, they were trying to give him a bottle of sugar water, but he wanted nothing to do with that. He calmed down when I held him and then I nursed him a little bit. By that time Jason was able to come back! Jason held him for a few mintues. He was still pretty upset so they gave him some pain med and then he settled right down. We were not in recovery very long at all. They told us things to look for took his vitals and then we were on our way. He did pretty good yesterday as long as he was being held. Last night he slept pretty good. He woke up alot and wanted to be comforted, Joseph did better than I had expected!
Today he did pretty good for the most part as long as he had his Tylenol very 4 hours. Nana came over to hold him which help give me a break! Jason had to work today. Hope he continues to get feeling better!! We are very thankful for modern medicine!!

Joseph can crawl! He is slow but he can get where he wants to go. At the beginning of this week he would be sitting down and then he would get to his tummy then back to sitting all by his self with no crying. He has been scooting backwards for a while now, but on Wednesday night he took a few strides, but today he is moving everywhere!! What our big boy!! Yeah for freedom for Joseph!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Joseph at 6 months and 21 days old

Today we went to the doctors for Joseph 6 month check up. He weight 18.03 pounds, at the 46.25%tile, his head circumference was 17.5 inches at the 58.65%tile, and he is 28.6 inches tall and in the 93.98%tile. They had to measure him three times to get his length. The first girl did it twice two different numbers both times, she got how tall he was last time and then the second time he was shorter than the first time. (She was new and had to call in for back up) The second lady got it the first time she did it. Much better.

Joseph loves to sit up. He can get where he wants to go kinda, he scoots backwards. When he is sitting on his bum he can move around. He is growing up so fast!! He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth alot. It is only a matter of time before he learns how to crawl forward.

He is eating some foods at night when we give him the probiotics which have helped alot. He likes to sit in his highchair and eat some crackers when we are having dinner. It makes him happy to eat regular food.

When I nurse him he loves to hold his foot, it must be a comfort thing. He also likes to chew on his feet when he is sitting. It looks pretty funny when he is eating his toes. He loves to put stuff in his mouth!

Joseph loves to make noises. He is learning how to use his voice. He loves to smile. He is a very happy baby!!

Joseph has 2 bottom teeth! They hurt when he bits, he loves to bit your figure if you are not paying attention and he can get your hand in his mouth. He has started to take his pacifier again, which has been very nice!! He likes to be able to put it in and take it out whenever he wants.
We love him tons!!!

Lunch with Lydia

Yesterday for Lunch I took Lydia to Red Robin for her Free Birthday Burger. She picked out what kind of a burger she wanted. She wanted BBQ sauce on it. We shared the burger and Lydia did really good and eat alot of it. She enjoyed being the center attention and having all my focus! We had fun together and will need to do it again soon.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Hats

Joseph cute little doggy hat has gotten too small, so I thought it would be idea to get him a new hat. My friend Nicole was over the other day and she had made emme a hat, so I thought that I could make one. So I made one for Joseph and Luke and I have the girls cut out and they just need to be sewn. The boys look so cute in them! We used them to go on a walk yesterday and they kept them warm.

Lydia is 6!!!


I Can't believe that Lydia is 6!! On Saturday was her Birthday and did we celebrate. Lydia had a friends party where we made little pizzas, decorated cupcakes, and played princess bingo. It was a lot of fun! Lydia had so much fun with her friends!! She had lots of friends- Beth, Cami, Nichole, Samatha, Natalie, Summer, Jennifer, Luke and Lacey. What a party!! Then at night we had our families over. It was a big hit! The cake turned out so cute!! It tasted good too! Thanks for everyone coming over and celebrating with us!! I Love you LYDIA RUTH!!!!