Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lydia is 6!!!


I Can't believe that Lydia is 6!! On Saturday was her Birthday and did we celebrate. Lydia had a friends party where we made little pizzas, decorated cupcakes, and played princess bingo. It was a lot of fun! Lydia had so much fun with her friends!! She had lots of friends- Beth, Cami, Nichole, Samatha, Natalie, Summer, Jennifer, Luke and Lacey. What a party!! Then at night we had our families over. It was a big hit! The cake turned out so cute!! It tasted good too! Thanks for everyone coming over and celebrating with us!! I Love you LYDIA RUTH!!!!


Shelly Beth said...

She is so big now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her complexion - such cute freckles all over her cheeks. And I love her hair cut. It looks so cute on her. That cake looks amazing, too. Good job!

Lynnette said...

Nice cake!