Friday, July 31, 2009

Joseph's two week check up

On Monday Joseph had his two week check up! He did great. His birth weight was 8 pounds 6 oz,(which is how much I weighted when I was born) When we left the hospital he was 7 pounds 10 oz. At his two week check on July 27 he was 8 pounds 14oz. He did great!! He was 53% in his weight and 93 % on his height. He was 22 1/4 inches tall. At birth he was 19 1/2 ( or so they say, Jason says that he was 20 inches.) I think that he has a smaller head and it is in the 43% for his head circumference. He has very big feet. I think that he is going to be very tall. Joseph is doing pretty well at sleeping at night. He normally wakes up two times. He loves to eat!! We love him to death! All the kids are doing great with Joseph! They love to hold him. They still are sure when we go places if he is coming or not, I think they are getting more used to him around. He is very good baby!!

When we went to the doctors the kids wanted to come. The girls had to bring there babies to the doctors as well. Here are some pictures from the doctors office. Joseph was smiling alot while we were there. I tryied to get them on camera. He is so cute!! We all love him, and so glad that he is part of our family.

Picnic in the park

Yesterday we had a picnic in the park. I had promised the kids all week that we could have a picnic in the park. But, it never worked out because Jason had the van, because his bike had a flat tire. We found this great park in Orem, that had great shade, with this hill that the kids loved to run up and down. They all had fun climbing the trees, and just had fun with Daddy. Joseph did great, and enjoyed being outside. It was a perfect day with our family! It was very nice and not too hot at all. I'm glad we went on a day that wasn't too hot. We spent a good 2 hours there and everyone had a blast!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

More Joseph pictures

This is the first time that the other kids got to see their baby brother.

Cute Peterson 4-some
Our first family picture with 6 members
We are very glad to have Baby Joseph and our awesome mommy home with us.


Here are pictures of all of our babies so that you can judge for yourself which of our other kids young Joseph resembles. After looking at the pics I'll have to say that he looks like all of the others in some ways.



What do you think?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We named our new addition today. His name is Joseph Harrison Peterson.

New Baby

Yesterday morning (July 13th 2009) I took Kristin to the hospital to get labor induced. We got to the hospital @ 0730 and they started the pitosin @ 0930. Kristin got her epidural @ 1030 and then the waiting game began. @ 1720 She was only dilated to a 4 and we were beginning to wonder if we were going to be having the baby on the 13th or the 14th, but then an hour later her water broke (@1820) and things started progressing though at first we did not know it because she was still @ 4 cm when the water broke. Over the next 40 minutes the nurse kept coming in to reposition Kris or the baby monitors. She had been watching the monitors and was a little concerned about how flat the baby's heart rate had been since water breakage. Finally @ 1900 she just decided to check Kristin again and she was @ a 9! She then went into flurry prep-for -delivery mode and informed the Doc, who showed up about 30 minutes later. Kristin started pushing @ 1940 and after about 25 minutes of that the doctor was getting concerned that the baby's heart rate was decelerating after contractions and she told Kristin that we needed to get the baby out fast, so she helped with a vaccuum specially designed to pull on the baby's head while Kristin pushed. They got him out with the next contraction and he looked great! He was born @ 2007 weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and was 20 inches long.
It was such a wonderful experience to see this little guy born. He's so cute and he looks quite a bit like Lydia did in my opinion. Also like Lydia, after he was born he had a bit of a struggle moving air in and out and they decided to take him to the newborn ICU (@2030) to be put on a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine- not what you want to hear as a parent! At first they told us it would only be an hour, but it ended up being about 4 which made for a very frustrating night. As a result, most of our family didn't get to see him even though they we there at the hospital. They finally got him off of the breathing machine and brought him downstairs @ around 1230 am. He got his bath then got to finally go to Kristin to be fed for the first time (@ 5 hours old).
He is such a little cutey with lots of reddish hair and hopefully he'll get a name today. Here are a bunch of the pics that I took (in chronological order).

Thanks to my Sis Amanda who let us borrow her Macbook so we could keep updates going on facebook throughout the labor process.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We had a great fourth of July. We went to the parade which the kids loved!! They loved being with there cousins and watching the parade!! The girls had lots of fun spinning there dresses!! They loved them!! Thanks Emily!! After that we came home for some naps, then we headed over to Jason parents house where they played on the mountain. Then headed over to my parents house for a BBQ, and talking. It was very nice a relaxing!! It wasn't supper hot outside, so we could be outside while the kids played! It was nice. Then we headed to the stadium of fire where we watch and did a few fireworks. It was fun, but we had to walk a long ways!! The kids did great even though they were very tired!! It was a fun day!! The only bad thing about the day was that our camera battery died half way through the day, so we had to charge it, but we couldn't take any pictures at my parents house because the dang battery!!

The girls hair

I have been practicing (for the wedding)and doing the girls cute alot more lately. I have been on tons of hair blogs, getting the right hair product. It has been fun. Lacey loves getting her hair done. Lydia likes it as well, but her head is alot more tender so it hurts her more, but she has been getting better. Here are some of the dos.