Sunday, July 5, 2009

Zion NP - Year Two

Last weekend was our latest Peterson family assault on Zion National Park. This year their were nine of us that went. Darik was able to go for the first time (last year being in Afghanistan), and that of course made it more complete, though there were a couple people that couldn't make it last minute that we missed.
We went down Thursday afternoon and just kind of bummed around a little that night and rode our bikes down the canyon. On Friday we hiked up to the top of Cable mountain where we had a majestic view from a cliff 2000 feet above the canyon floor. I have to admit that my heights phobia kicked in big time, and I could definitely say that I can now understand the "hypothetical" possibility of soiling myself (no I didn't...I'm just saying). Towards the end of our time on the cliff I was getting a little more relaxed and was able to get to within 12-18 inches of the edge for short periods. It amazes me that some in our group (like Cody and Chris) were able to walk right up to the edge and pear straight down with no hesitation at all. I don't know if I would ever be able to do that.
That evening we went for another bike ride and swam in the Virgin river.
Saturday was our last day, and after packing up camp we hit the Narrows. That is always way fun. This year we had a lot less injuries and when we were done (8 hours later) I was ready to do some more hiking, but it was getting late. We ate dinner at Costa Vida in Cedar City and got home around midnight.
These trips are always so much fun! Thanks to my awesome wife who let me go on this outing with the boys while she is 8 months pregnant! You rock babe!

Darik, Brady, and I in Kolob Canyon:
Look how tough we are:
Brady, Jeff, and me @ Weeping Rock:
Brady, Bryce, Jeff, Chris, Beau, Cody, Me
Uncle Daniel, Darik -----Setting out for Cable Mountain:
The View: (this is higher than Angel's Landing BTW)
See, I got close
Bros in the Narrows
the water's a little cold

Cable Mountain:


Megan said...

I love Zion! The best hike I have ever done was in Zion. It is called Orderville Canyon and it is about 12 miles long. What is so cool about it is that you start by going down some dry falls and then you are walking and you are in a canyon (like the narrows). Then you have to repel down a 15 ft. bolder that is in your way. Then the ground becomes muddy and it turns into a river. You have to jump off water falls and swim a little. It is a lot of fun. It is my favorite hike of all time.

That really looked like a fun trip.

Jeff and Mandy said...

Oh yeah baby! Fun stuff.....