Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our New House!!

We moved into our house. We love it here! We are still in boxes because I and all the kids have been sick. The kids have been sick for going on 2 and a half weeks and i have been sick for over a week now. The doctor said that within the next week we should be getting better. I hope so because i'm tired of everyone being sick. Here is one picture of our house. I will post more, when we get more put together. In our backyard the grass has kinda died and we are working on getting that back green.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Swimming in the pool

We stayed two nights at the Youngberg’s house. They have a beautiful pool. We all loved it!! Lydia loved it so much. We went swimming on Saturday night. At first, the kids were a little timid, but then the girls warmed up to it. Luke still was a little worried about the whole thing. Lydia and Lacey loved the rock waterside. They would go down all by themselves. They loved it so much we had to go in on Monday morning before we headed down to the beach. I think the girls are going to be our little fish. Maybe Luke will start to like the water soon. Lacey Loved the McDonalds cup she was holding in some of the pictures. Luke loved the fishing pole, that he thought was just great!!

Vacation- The block Of Orange

We went shopping at the block. The kids had lots of fun running around playing. We also did a little shopping as well. It was just fun to be together in the great weather, back home in California.

Vacation- Esther's Tacos

Papa is leaving the Esthers with the twins hand and hand, they are so happy to be out of the car!! It was a long drive but they did great.
Luke is eating chips enjoying himself.
This is my all time favorite place to eat. They have the best Chicken tacos and beans. Our whole family loves it.
Lacey loved eating the salsa straight from the little bowl. It was so fun to watch her eat it.

Lydia was having a blast being with Blake and Landon. She misses them alot since they moved to Texas.