Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vacation- Esther's Tacos

Papa is leaving the Esthers with the twins hand and hand, they are so happy to be out of the car!! It was a long drive but they did great.
Luke is eating chips enjoying himself.
This is my all time favorite place to eat. They have the best Chicken tacos and beans. Our whole family loves it.
Lacey loved eating the salsa straight from the little bowl. It was so fun to watch her eat it.

Lydia was having a blast being with Blake and Landon. She misses them alot since they moved to Texas.


Amy Amann said...

I can't believe Lacey ate the Salsa straight out of the cup. That is weird. Must have been a very mild salsa. Looks like you all have fun in Cali!

Kayla Berrett said...

I am so jealous! You are right down the street from my parent's house. They said they really enjoyed seeing all of you.