Thursday, May 12, 2011


I have been awful at taking pictures lately!!! I wish I could be better at remembering the camera, and then taking pictures, but I'm not.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have 4 children to get ready and in the car or just doing things. Maybe it is the fact that I'm pregnant and running out of energy very fast!! Maybe I'm just lazy or too busy, I don't know but I"m going to do better!! I need to do better for the kids!! So here is what we have been up to.

Jason went to San Fransisco last week for a work conference. Once a year they go to there heart convention. He was gone from Tuesday till Late Friday night. It should have been no big deal, because Jason works crazy long hours most of the time! There are weeks that I wouldn't normally see him during that time except maybe from 10pm-4am while we are sleeping, some days later than that! So it shouldn't have been hard. But it was!! Maybe because I knew he wasn't a couple miles away, or the fact that I knew that he was eating till his heart content and I guess I was jealous! lol. I really do like to eat!! But anyways, we made it alive so that is all that matters!!! We were sure glad that he made it home safely and that he had fun!!!

Mothers Day was great! Jason made me some breakfast. It was yummy. My parents were gone to DC for Jesses wedding, so my mom wasn't around on mother's Day. (I'm sad that I didn't go but I was where I felt that I needed to be home with my family, taking care of my Children) But the Saturday before that we were able to go shopping together and get her so much needed new clothes for her new body!! So that was nice, even though it wasn't on Mother's Day it was still nice!! I enjoyed it very much!! My dad was nice enough to stay home with the kids while we went! Thanks Dad!! I'm sure that the kids would have been board out of there minds!! Jason was working or else he would have done it!! Jason got me these nice kitchen shears and potato washer gloves from Williams-sonama. It was very nice and thoughtful! I love them!! It was great!! Lydia made this puzzle picture frame with a letter why she loves me. It was very thoughtful and very nice. The twins made little cards for me. It was a great day!! I sure love my kids very much!!

I'm now 33 weeks pregnant. I just switched Doctors. I was going to Dr. Grover (who I had gone to with Joseph) she is a fine doctor, but I just wasn't feeling the warm fuzzes from her about me having a natural childbirth. But I didn't know where else to go. So I stayed. But then somethings happened. Nothing major, but just a feeling I wanted more. I mentioned something to my friend, and she said  that Dr. Savage was highly recommended for natural childbirth. So I called that day and made my appointment. I went on Monday. I really liked her. We talked about what I wanted and my concerns and she told me hers. I think it will be a great fit! I will let you know how that goes! When she measured me she measured me at 31 weeks, which made me a little concerned, because I was measuring large, and then I have been slowly falling behind. My other doctor thought it was no big deal, I said something to her about it, and she said lets have an ultrasound to make sure that he is growing and that made me feel better. Instead of worrying about this I would know either way.  Yesterday I had my ultrasound. He is measuring 34 1/2 weeks and about 5 and half pounds. So he is measuring BIG and doing good inside me! He is a big baby! Fun stuff!! He could really get big in the upcoming weeks. Joseph has been the biggest at 8 pounds 6 oz (or 7or 8Oz, I can't remember at the moment, LOL) I"m thinking that he could be the biggest!  Oh well. I have been doing my hyponobabies faithfully every day! It is alot of work in preparing for his upcoming birth but I totally think that it is worth it!! Lacey wants to know why I always have to do my hyponobabies. She said you have done this before, and I said yes, but this time I wanted it different so I have to practice. She didn't say much after that. Lacey sure thinks about things more than the others, and is very smart about life. That crazy little girl!! I'm really like that Jason is more involved with it and I really think it is a great thing!! I'm very excited!!

We only have like 11 days left of school and I can't wait to be done!! I'm ready for a break and I know that Lydia is too!! We are ready for summer! They are very excited about swim lessons! Well, I'm done writing now. I normally don't write like this but I just had alot of things that I wanted to remember. But now I"m done.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


 Getting ready to dye Easter eggs, We didn't take any pictures of the event of the actual dying of the eggs, we forgot! Bummer!!
 Here is the Easter basket. The Easter bunny came on Saturday morning and then we could have funon Saturday and on Sunday remember the real reason for Easter. We had a little egg hunt at our house, then we got together at Grammy's and Papa house for an Easter activity (but I didn't take any pictures)

 Jojo with his basket!

 Eating candy!
 Lacey and her Crazy hair!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


 Taking a nap before the hike. Isn't he so cute!
 finding rocks to throw into the river

 Playing before we left, throwing rocks in to the little river.
 Jojo and Jason

 Joseph getting some water!

 Lacey and Lydia with the waterfall.

Lacey sun bathing!

A few weeks back we went for a hike. It was a little cool out but we had fun being together. We hiked up to to some falls. It was very nice being outside!