Sunday, January 31, 2010


So now that is the end of the month, I added up everything that I spent on Household and Food for the month. (Not including eating out) My plan was to spend 195 for the month. This is how I did. I think that I did really good. I'm very proud of myself. LOL
I spent $221.45 but will be getting a $20.99 rebate check from Rite Aid so I spent a total of $200.46, I went over by 5.46. But considering that Lydia had a birthday party and I had to get things for her party. I think that I did really well for the first month!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Luke with Joseph

My main reason for updating my blog is that I wanted to write this down before I forgot it, but I couldn't do it out of order. I had to do lots of updating!! Joseph has been having a hard time sleeping through the night since he has been sick. Now that he is better, I have been letting him cry it out. I will feed him once during the night, and hopefully he will stop that soon like he did before. Anyways last night Joseph woke up at like 1:30 so I went and got him right away and feed him. When I put him back to bed I told him that I wasn't going to come get him till morning and that he needed to sleep. At about 3 am he woke up again. He was pretty mad by his screaming but I didn't go in there, because he needed to go back to sleep. After a while I could hear something so I went and stood by the door. It was Luke he was singing to Joseph. He had woken him up since they share a room. Luke was singing "Daddy is going to buy you a mockingbird" over and over again. It was so sweet. Joseph only cried for 10 minutes before he stopped with Lukes help. After he stopped crying I went in there to tell Luke to go back to sleep. Then I checked on Joseph. You couldn't find him, so I moved the blanket and he was stuck in them, so I moved them. That woke Joseph back up and then the scream started again. So I went back to bed. Then I hear the talking again. It was Luke singing to Joseph again. Jason was awake so told him to come listen. It was so cute!! Joseph had went back to sleep within 5 minutes. I went in there to talk to Luke. He said that He was singing to Joseph except he was crying. So sweet. I told him that was very sweet and that Joseph loved it, and that he could go to sleep because Joseph was back to sleep. What a sweet Brother caring for Joseph!! I love them both so much!!! I love my boys!!


On Monday for Lunch we went to Tucanos for Lydia Birthday lunch. It was lots of fun. Lydia enjoyed herself. She wanted to know why they where not singing to her and singing to everyone else instead! Before we left they sang to her and she loved it!! I can't believe she is going to be 6 on Saturday!!

Lydia and Joseph

On Sunday night Lydia was holding Joseph and he spit up right in her eye. He got her hair and she had to take a shower before bed. She was a trooper through it all. She said that hurt her eye.


Emme attacking Joseph. He didn't like it!!

The kids love to slide down the stairs. The other night the guzmans came over to play some games here is emme and Joseph together. Joseph needs to watch her so he can figure out how to go forward!!

Jazz Game

We won this basketball because of Joseph!!

For Christmas Jason got some Jazz tickets. So did the rest of Jason siblings. It was fun. We drove up together in our van then eat at Cafe rio, then took tracks into the game. The game was lots of fun! It was fun just being together! It was so cold!! On the way home Joseph screamed/cried the whole way home. It was such a long drive home, he didn't want to be in the car seat!!


A few Saturday's we went to Boondocks for Sam 12th Birthday! It was a blast!! The kids had a great time! It was so much fun. Jason did some Lazer tag, and then Leslie, Shirlene, Jason and I went out and did the bumper cars. It was so fun! I loved it. By the time we were done, my hands were freezing and could hardly move them!! Thanks to Leslie and Dan for such a fun day!!

Lydia and Joseph

Lydia loves to hold and play with Joseph!! Joseph is so good and loves when Lydia holds him!! Here are the two of them!! So cute!! Lydia is such a big help!!!


On new year's day we headed down to Annabella for the weekend with Jason cousin Jeff. We had so much fun with them! We played rock band and beetles rock band till our hearts content. It was a blast. Thanks so much for letting crash at your house. The kids had a blast sledding. It was so much fun. They have so much fun with there kids. It was a blast!! The kids loved getting pulled by the four wheeler (I loved it too, it was so much fun!) and going down the hill in the snow. It was so much fun!! Joseph loved going down as well. He did great!!