Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas eve 2009 pat two

Joseph starting not to feel very good, Poor boy!!
Cute Peterson family!! So cute!!
In front of the Christmas Tree in there new PJ's
Lydia, Luke, Lacey showing off there new PJ's
Joseph in his mew money PJ's

Getting ready to open there present on Christmas eve
Grammy reading the kids a story

Then we headed over to my family for dinner. We had homemade Cafe Rio. So good!! It is a tradition that we always have Mexican food on Christmas eve. We also had homemade tamales. That turned out great!! Yummy yummy. We had made them the day before with my mom's and Shirlene's help! They turned out so good!! Then we acted out the Nativity and sang Christmas carols around the piano. Grammy read the Grandkids a story and then we opened one present on Christmas eve. We have a tradition that the kids always get new PJ's on Christmas eve so they look cute on Christmas morning. It was lots of fun!! Lydia was Mary this time, Lacey was the angel, Luke was the shepherd and Joseph was Jesus, my dad was the narrator. The little girls were in love with playing with him. He did so good!!


Linda said...

So great Joseph got to play baby Jesus!! The Jammies are darling of course! :)

Bryce and Camilla said...

Hey Kristen, I was wondering if you could email me the cafe rio recipe. Isn't it the one at Brady's wedding dinner? Oh so yummy. Thanks!