Saturday, January 9, 2010


Jason and Joseph taking a nap!

Christmas Morning we started at our house and opened presents. I was really bummed that we never got a family picture in front of the Christmas tree, and also we didn't get any pictures of the living room before the kids came down and we didn't get that many pictures at our house. I was kinda bummed, but next year will be better hopefully we can get some sleep!! and some better pictures!!!

We had our traditional Christmas breakfeast. We had a breakfast casserole, with pull-apart (yummy). It was very good. After break-feast we got ready and headed over to Jason family house. We opened presents and had fun together. The kids are the center of attention over there because they are the only Grand kids. We had lots of fun just being together.

In the afternoon we headed over to my parents where we opened presents and had fun together. I was starting to get tired but I held up really well considering I had no sleep!! The girls got a nice picture that can go in there room. Luke got a picture as well. Jason received a frame of his priesthood line of authority. It was very nice and he liked it a lot. I got this nice picture of Christ that is now in our bathroom!! It looks great!! After present we had dinner. We had ham and potatoes, and rolls, jello, and salad. we had lots of fun being together. The kids like playing with there cousins over at my parents house. There is always something going on and never a quiet moment!! It was very nice just being together and relaxing!!


Emily Heizer said...

You look so skinny and pretty Kristin! I love your hair! And I love that blue top! When you get too skinny for it you should give it to me because I look like the Pilsbury Dough Boy currently and maybe I could look like a cute lil blue marshmellow instead! Squeee!

Jason is super duper cute with Joseph! All daddies should be required to take naps with their baby boys- it is too, too cute! And the ticket to ride picture, too funny, you can tell how totally stoked he is!

Lukey looks so so happy opening his presents!!

Shelly Beth said...

I was just thinking that I would love to get some nice pictures for the girls' room. What a good idea. Looks like you had a fun Christmas - but mega busy driving to all the parent's homes - its like 3 Christmas in one day!

Linda said...

What fun we had! :)