Saturday, January 9, 2010


Ok this is something that I have been doing. I'm starting to really enjoy how much I get for so little. This is my first good score at Rite Aid, but I have to say last week at rite was great too even better but I didn't take any pictures, but I will tell you about both.
Trip 1
5 packages of Huggies diapers
1 package of Huggies diaper voucher(not shown in the picture)
2 package of Quilted Northern ultra plush toilet paper
1 wet ones wipes
2 olay body wash
2 olay body lotion
4 kids tooth brushes
2 kids toothpaste
1 package of pocket tissue(not shown)
I got 88.16 worth of stuff for 37.29 but then I will be getting back 10 rebate for the body wash for 10 so brings it down to 27.29 plus my 4.50 rebates from rite aid brings it down to 22.79 and another 20 dollar rebate from rite aid for a grand total of 2.79 out of pocket. What a great deal. I think!!!

Trip 2
2- 4 pack light bulbs
2- packs of band aids
2 things of neosporin
2 packs of stay free pads
1 Tylenol cold and sinus
1 Listerine
1 instant hand stanitzer
5 life cards
all for 2.70 with tax!!

Thanks Nicole for the many hours of helping me and all the phone calls!! I'm doing $195 for all my food and my household stuff this month.(Yes that includes diapers and everything for a family of 6) So far so good. I have meals planned out. I got a little worried and had to call Nicole and she said that I can do it. It is going to take time getting used to this new way of shopping. But it will help out so much!! I will let you know how it goes at the end of the month~ I love couponing. It takes time but for me the time is worth the savings in the end!!

Let me know what you think? I can help you too if you want any help.


Nicole said...

You're doing great! It's nice to have someone else doing this to give me a heads-up on deals I would have otherwise missed! I have some bad news for me, though... we are low on chicken which means next month, I have to bring home that dreaded 40 lb. box again.

Shelly Beth said...

Hm, I might be interested in learning this magic of yours! You did AMAZING! What great deals. I CAN'T BELIEVE you are only spending $195 this month on food AND diapers!!! We just spent $100 on two packs of diapers and a box of wipes. I need to find deals on non-food items. Please fill me in!

Linda said...

You are a marvel!! :)

Bryce and Camilla said...

Isn't it amazing? I have been doing the same thing and I got my food bill down too. We should get together and talk about strategy and what we do...good job Kristin!