Monday, February 20, 2012


 Christmas Morning at our house.

 The girls by the new trampoline.

 JJ playing with his new tooth brush. He was in heaven!!

 Papa and Grammy came over to see what everyone got. Then we got ready for church and went to church with them to church. After we had a later lunch over at Grammy and Papa's house. Yummy sandwiches.

 A bag aunt Shirlene made lacey. She loves it.

 Grammy gave the older girls tickets to a ballet and there ballet outfits and some much and the barbie nutcracker. They love it!!!
 Jason and his cool socks

 Playing fish at grammys

 Sleeping JJ. It was a long day for him....

 Jojo was sleeping and JJ had woken up!! He was so happy!! Daddy with his little boys

 We had Christmas at my parents house this year. We loved how we split up the days. It was way better for us and way more enjoyable!!!! It was nice going to church on Sunday! Our camera died during the day.....bummer!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Christmas Eve

 Playing the fishing game from Aunt Amanda.

 Joseph playing with the nerf guns we got for Christmas. It was a nerf gun Christmas, everyone got them!!

 Relaxing while the boys played target practice on the mirror.

 Watching them talk on the phone to Justin's kids.
 Jameson on the ground playing and being happy!!

 Jameson with a santa hat.

 Jason and Jojo

 looking at the hair bows aunt Kate made for the girls.

 Cute Lydia

This year we spent Christmas Eve with Jason's family. It was very nice. We just hung out at his parents house. We eat a nice lunch and then opened presents in the evening since wouldn't see them on Christmas. It was a nice day. Then we came home and got cookies ready for Santa and sent the kids to bed.