Tuesday, February 14, 2012

November 2011

 Luke lost his 2 front teeth! Cute boy!!

 The girls watching Erin looking at her eyelash stuff.....
 Darik and Erin took us to Chuck E cheese. It was so fun!! The kids loved it. They were in heaven!!
 Luke and Jojo playing

 Jojo driving!!


 Darik and Erin with chuck E, and the kids (some how Darik got cut off :( THanks so much for taking us it was a blast hanging out!! )
 Erin doing my eyelashes


 We took a trip down to Annabella to visit Jason cousins. Here is Jason and Jeff and all 10 kids!!

 Morgan, Jack and Joseph

 Riding in the back of the truck!!

 Jack Sleeping
 Jameson or JJ

 Thanksgiving was at our house this year. We fit, but it was tight!! Here is Joseph and his fruit turkey!!!
 coloring thanksgiving pages
 Lacey and her hat and person she colored
 The little boys!!

 So CUTE, Joseph giving kisses to Jameson!!!
 Playing in the leaves!!

 Cooking!! The girls love helping me!!! I love it!!!

 watching a movie on the computer

 Cute baby!!!
Look at that, I can't help but smile every time I see that!!

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