Thursday, June 14, 2012

Debt FREEEEEE!!!! (except our house)

Today is a day that we have worked very hard to see come to light.  It has been 8 1/2 Months since we started our totally money makeover. We have just completed step 2 and it feels great!!! It has been something that I wanted to do, but I solely did the finances, and I was ok at it. I tried hard to make our ends meet but it never worked like I wanted it to.  Till Mark and Mark (my cousins) came out to visit us and we got taking about money. They (mostly Mary at first and then Mark came in to join in the fun later) told us about Dave Ramsey. (They offered to send us his book and Cd's. It has been great reading and listening to his cd's.) Who I have heard of before, cause of Nicole. I was super excited to get started!!! Jason was there listening to bits and pieces of it. When we got home I told him that I really wanted to do it!! But we had to do it together or it wouldn't work!!! So we started right then. We stopped spending!!! We sat down and did a written budget. Oh man, that first month was super hard. Of course, I ended up in tears, and it was not fun at all!! Looking at all of our debt,  was super HARD and very eye opening for Jason to see what we had done!! We had lots more debt than I would have liked! We had some student loans, fence debt, truck debt, and some personal credit card debt, and no money in the bank! Fun huh!!! NO!!! It was Alot of Money!!!! We got gazelle intense!!  It was a slow start, then things started to move. We were blessed big time!! Jason was able to work alot, passed a test to get a raise and got smarter with our money!!!  Every month that we do our budget it has gotten easier for the most part!

One thing that I didn't expect to come out of all this was, it has made our marriage better! Which I love!! We didn't have a bad marriage before but this money makeover has improved it 10 fold. Our communication is better, we are working for a common goal for our family. Life is just better!!! We are super happy!! Now for step 3!!!
Thanks Jason for all your hard work to help this happen!!! You rock babe! I love you so much!!!