Monday, October 27, 2008

The halloween Party

On Saturday night we had another Halloween party out at Dave and Chelsea house. It was lots of fun to get dressed up and go see lots of Jason's friends. Jason was Elvis and I was a pink Princess, Lydia was still Dorthy, Luke a Fireman and Lacey was Snow white. They had a pinata that was lots of fun. Lacey was so cute she would hit it and then pose for her pictures. It was so cute. Jason busted open the Pinata and the kids went crazy for the candy. We had a lot of fun catching up with Friends.

Ward Halloween Party

Lydia with her Friends Karen, Nichole and Lydia. Don't they look so cute!!

On Friday night we had our ward Halloween party. The kids had lots of fun!! They got Chips and Candy what more could they have asked for?? They were in heaven. Lydia is Dorthy and Luke is a fireman and Lacey is Snow white! They had lots of fun dressing up. Here they are in action.

Gardner village

Last Wednesday we went up to Gardner village. I have never been there before, and it was cool to see what it was. I had a good time looking in all the little shops. It was freezing up there. When we left Provo it was a little bit warm and I grab the kids coats and Jason said they might be a little too heavy. But i still brought them anyways, and it was a good thing I did. It was so cold up there!! Wow. it was sure cold. There were lots of fun witches everywhere and the kids had a great time looking at them all. Thanks to nan and Kelly for taking them around so that Jason and I could look in the shops. They had this amazing fabric shop that I would love to see so much money in. Oh well, it was fun to look at them. After Gardner Village we headed to Carnios and meet up with my parents, Dave and Shirlene, and James and Martha, along with Jason and I with the kids, and Nan and Kelly. We had a great time, great food, and GREAT SERVICE(thanks Leslie). We has a great day.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Samantha Parkington and Nellie

Samantha Parkington

After more than 20 years as a beloved historical character, this American Girl original will soon say farewell. At that time, Samantha’s collection—including Nellie and her accessories—will be placed into the American Girl Archives so that we may preserve her place in history.

This makes me so SAD!!! I know it is only dolls, But I have Samantha and I wanted to get Nellie for Lydia when she got older, but now they are retiring the dolls it makes it hard!!! Nellie has a doll named Lydia so it is meant to be!! Oh I know it is!!! Samantha and Nellie are best Friends. I have almost everything for Samantha, thanks to my parents when I was younger!! I have been saving it for Lydia when she turns 8 she will get it. It is so hard, I want to buy Nellie and save it for her, so we will see what happens. Aren't they beautiful dolls. They run about $100 each, so they are a little on the expensive side but worth every minute of the fun!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Let see where to begin.......Lots of stuff has been happening and I have been very busy lately that is why I haven't been so good at posting, sorry for all those faithfully blog checkers out there hopefully I will be better.

About 2 months ago I miscarried at 10 weeks, It was very hard both Physically and emotionally. It has been very hard for me, but things are getting better. I was due the second week in March and it was going to be prefect. I would have been Pregnant in the winter and it would have worked out just right for our flex spending. ( We took out $5000 dollars for our flex spending for Jason Lasik but then he wasn't a candidate and then he thought that he would have this other eye surgery that they implant this contact in your eyes, but we didn't feel good about that. Then when we got pregnant it would have use most of the money.....but now I guess we will have to use it another way. We have used alot it but still have a little less then half left to use before March 17, or else we loose it.) But I guess now it will workout in different ways. During the time I was pregnant I gained lots of weight, my house fell apart and I didn't feel good at all. So now I'm trying to loose my weight before I get pregnant again, and hopefully this next time, I will not gain so much weight so soon into my pregnancy. I have lost 7.2 pounds in 7 weeks, so only another lot to go. But I'm determined to loose this weight. Now my clothes are starting to fit so that makes me happy!!!!

My house is still trying to get back to normal. I really could use a housekeeper (but no, that is not going to be happening anytime soon!!!!!) So I just need to figure it out. I have been doing lots of reading so I think I have something that will work. I will let you know in a few weeks how that is going. Jason and I have started to clean the window blinds that are nasty!!! We have the living room ones done and are working on the bay window by the back door. I know it is not that many but it is a step in the right direction!! My little Lydia is such a big help and Luke and Lacey are starting to be helpers as well.

We started doing preschool again. All three of the kids are in preschool, (well I teach them preschool on Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours with there cousins Ben) It is going well. I really like teaching them. But it is lots of work, but it is worth it to me, and very rewarding to see them learning. Lydia starts kindergarten in the fall and she is growing up so much every day.

I just got back from a trip to Rexburg Idaho to see my cousin get married in the Rexburg Idaho temple. It was sweet service and a very nice temple. It bought back lots of memories of being up there for school. It was 35 degrees up there with a windchill of I don't know but it felt so cold. One of the many reasons I didn't like it up there. Oh, so windy. It has grow so much since I was there 7 years ago. I can't not believe how much it has changed!!! It actually had restaurants and lots of new stores since I was there. Housing has changed tons!! I did have fun up there, but it wasn't for me. I did have fun going back and looking at things there. I don't think that I would like to live there but a short visit was good.

Brittany looked so pretty on her wedding day. When I get pictures from my mom I will post them. I went all by myself with my parents and the kids stayed home with Jason. Jason says they had lots of fun together. But we missed each other lots and the kids are still alive although they have colds now and everyone isn't feeling that great. Hopefully they will start feeling better soon. I hate it when they are sick!!


The girls started dance class. Lydia started in September and Lacey stared last Monday. At first Lacey didn't want to take dance class because she didn't want to go by herself, she wanted Luke to go with her. So I started with Lydia and then a few weeks later Lacey said she wanted to start so now both of the girls do it. Lydia and Lacey both love it. Here are some pictures of Lacey first day at Dance.

Fun in the Sun at Gabe the babe's Birthday party!!

After Cabela's we went to Gabe the babes' birthday party. Gabe turned One, the kids, Jason and I had a blast at the pool party. It was at this amazing pool and we felt like we were in California with all the palm trees around. The water so warm and they had this amazing water side and this little kiddie pool for the kids. The little ones loved it but I don't think as much as Jason loved it. Thanks Doug and Sandy for inviting us to the party it was lots of fun.