Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lydia's new dress

Lydia is growing up so fast!! She is such a big help to me. She LOVES to go to school and learn. She loves her friends as well. She is learning so much!! She can read now and is learning more and more every day! She loves to play with Nichole and her sister and brother. She is getting so big!! She has lost 4 teeth now, and more that are not far behind.
Lydia is very sweet and loves to help take care of Joseph! She is very caring and loves him alot!! I love my little Ruthie!!!

Luke's Big Boy Bed

We have been working on refinishing Luke bed for over a year now. He has been sleeping on a toddler mattress on the ground. Now he is in a big bed. He loves it. He would ask me to paint it and finish it for him. I Painted it all. It was alot of work but I'm glad that it is done now!!! He are some pictures from last year sanding it.

Joseph's 1st haircut!!



Joseph did very well during his haircut! He did great. He went from my little baby to my big boy! He looked so different after the haircut. I just couldn't handle his hair anymore, it was out of control! But he looked so cute with all his hair. I missed it at first and it was weird looking at him. But now it is normal. So cute!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Joseph Harrison at 9 months

I can't believe that Joseph is 9 months already!! He is such a cute boy, we love him to death!! Here are some things that Joseph is into!
- he loves balls and being outside
- he is pulling himself up and standing at things.
- he loves to eat food
- wants to be able to play with his sisters and brother
- has 3 teeth and another soon will be coming in
- Joseph had his first big hair cut
- he crawls fast everywhere and loves to get into things that he is not suppose to
- doesn't like sitting in his carseat for long drives
- He is a very happy boy who loves to smile and doesn't want to miss anything
- Joseph is not the best sleeper- we are working on that
- He is wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers
- he likes to play with emme even thou he doesn't play nicely
- he loves to be held and gives some sweet hugs
- Joseph is very good at letting his brother and sisters play with him and do to him what they want
Most of all we love our little guy!!

Arches and Canyonlands!!

We went to Moab for Spring break with our good friends the Guzman's. We had a blast and can't wait to go back!! It was frezzing the first night. It was very cold at night, but great during the day. WE even got sunburned!! The first ngiht Joseph and Lydia ended up in bed with us becasue they were cold. The next two night we put more clothes on the kids and they slept all night long. Joseph still ended up in bed with us every night. He had one really hard night. But we made it and loved it.

We spent 2 days hiking and the kids did GREAT. I didn't think that they would do as good as they did, but they did awesome!!! They loved it. We are going to be doing lots more hiking together. Jason had Joseph in the backpack, the whole time he was in there he was great never made a sound. He just loved being right there with Jason and being able to see everything. What a great boy!! If you notice Joseph did get his Haircut, but I can't find the pictures. I don't know what happened to them. Hopefully Jason does, so then I can do a post for it!!!

We had so much fun being together as a family! Jason has been working lots of long hours and it was very nice to get away and just hang out as a family and with the Guzman's!! thanks for inviting us. We loved it! Can't wait to go camping again and hiking!!