Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lydia's new dress

Lydia is growing up so fast!! She is such a big help to me. She LOVES to go to school and learn. She loves her friends as well. She is learning so much!! She can read now and is learning more and more every day! She loves to play with Nichole and her sister and brother. She is getting so big!! She has lost 4 teeth now, and more that are not far behind.
Lydia is very sweet and loves to help take care of Joseph! She is very caring and loves him alot!! I love my little Ruthie!!!


Linda said...

Lydia is growing up and looks beautiful in her new dress!

Emily said...

Her dress is very cute! Looks like she starting a growth spurt to me! Is she taller? Her face has thinned out a bit- not so baby faced anymore!