Friday, April 16, 2010

Nicki and Dustin

Sarah and Lacey
The happy couple Nicki and Dustin
Sarah, Kitty and Lacey

My cousin Nicki is getting married!! Yeah we are so excited!!! Yeah!!! I'm (with Joseph) flying out to Washington DC for the wedding. I'm excited. Nicki and Dustin came out for a us to meet Dustin. Ok that wasn't the reason they came out but we can dream right?! We had a BBQ family dinner. It was lots of fun. Lacey fell in love with my cousin Sarah. When we got home she asked where she lived and if she could come over again! So cute.


Linda said...

Lacey loves Kitty... So nice she got to know Sarah!

Shelly Beth said...

Tell Nikki I said congrats! I am so happy for her! When is the wedding? You know that is in my neck of the woods. I would LOVE to drive up and see you if possible. Let me know if that would work.