Thursday, April 22, 2010

Joseph's 1st haircut!!



Joseph did very well during his haircut! He did great. He went from my little baby to my big boy! He looked so different after the haircut. I just couldn't handle his hair anymore, it was out of control! But he looked so cute with all his hair. I missed it at first and it was weird looking at him. But now it is normal. So cute!


Linda said...

glad you found the pictures of the "haircut" He is such a happy guy!

Emily said...

Hey! You know what I just realized?! You're finally using the right tenses! LOL LOL LOL

Joseph's Haircut instead of Joseph haircut. GOOD JOB! LOL I'm so proud of you! There still is hope for your kids grammatical abilities! LOL Yay!!

I LOVE, love love your hair curled like that. Now when are you going to teach me how to do that, hmmm? That's how I wanted my hair to look in that picture of me and Matt on my blog and it looks like a rat died in it instead!!!