Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 2

Here is the progress of Day 2

Nana and Papa Surprise!!

Nana and Papa came over on the scooter last night. Jason was tiling and I was doing something else. Lydia and Luke (Lacey was already in bed because she didn't take a nap) were playing in the Living room/entry when all of the sudden they started yell and laughing jumping up and down. It was so cute!! They were so happy that nana and papa came over! It was a great surprise! They loved it. Papa also took both of them on a scooter ride. Here are some pictures, and they both loved it.

Our project Day 1

Jason is tiling our backspash and doing such a great Job!! This is his first tile job and he is rocking!! We went to a tile class at home depot so we would know what were were doing and it has worked!! Here is Jason in action. Our backsplash needed to be fixed since we moved in. The old backsplash was lifting and water was getting back behind it. When we took the old one off there was some mold starting to grow, yuck! I'm so glad that we are taking care of it before it got worse.

Honey Bun Cake

I made this Cake that is so good! I loved it. It is very easy and great!! The kids helped me make it and it turned out well, even though I used fat free sour cream Here is the recipe so that you can try it. Shirlene made it on Monday and it was excellent I had to make it again. Just so you know we didn't eat the whole thing. I gave half of it away to some people I was bring dinner to, or else I would have eatten it all myself!!
Honey Bun Cake
1 package yellow cake mix (18.25-oz)
3/4 cup vegetable oil
4 eggs
1 (8-oz) container sour cream
1 cup brown sugar
1 Tablespoon ground cinnamon
1/4 cup chopped walnuts or pecans (optional)
glaze:2 cups powdered sugar
4 Tablespoons milk
1 Tablespoon vanilla
(note: I make a half-recipe of the glaze if I'm making this cake in a bundt pan)Preheat oven to 325In a large bowl, combine cake mix, oil, eggs and sour cream. Stir by hand approx 50 strokes, or until most large lumps are gone. Spray pan (bundt or 9x13) with Pam. Pour half of the batter into the baking dish.
Combine the brown sugar and cinnamon (and nuts, if using) and sprinkle over the batter in the cake pan. Spoon the other half of the batter into the cake pan, covering the brown sugar mixture. Twirl the cake with a butter knife until it looks like a honey bun (I skip this step).Bake in preheated oven for 40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. Frost cake while it is still fairly hot. Serve warm.To make frosting: In a small bowl, whisk together the powdered sugar, milk and vanilla until smooth.

Luke's Big Boy Bed

He are some pictures of Luke in his Big Boy Bed! He loves the freedom of being able to get in and out. He is still taking naps down stairs in the playroom in his pack and play and doing great. Luke has had some set backs as far as his potty training have gone. He is doing great peeing on the potty! But the other one is having quiet the problems. It doesn't help that he and everyone else has had diarrhea. So, we are still working on that! He is getting so big!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The haircuts..........

Lydia and Lacey got there haircut this morning. Lydia finally decided that she would like to have her hair short. She hates when I have to brush it and do it, because it hurts her head. She must have a sensitive head!! Because Lydia was getting her hair cut Lacey wanted hers done as well. So, Lacey just got a little trim. Luke got his haircut on Sunday. He didn't like it at all, but he made it, and is now ready for summer.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Snake

On Wednesday when we were doing our yard work, the girls found a snake in our yard. Lydia was freaking out, so then so was Lacey. But then once Jason caught the snake, Lacey loved it. She wanted to kiss it, and hold it. I think that Lacey is our animal lover with the caterpillars and now the snake. Lydia wanted nothing to do with it, while Lacey loved it and Luke liked it. It was so cute, they talked to him and then we set him free in the field. They loved the adventure.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yeah for LUKE!!!

Luke is doing great!! He has only had one accident and that was on Monday morning!! He is such a big boy. We went and did so shopping last night and he went on the a big potty at the store. I didn't think he would be he has done great. He is even dry through the night. He is ready for a toddler bed, but I don't know weather I'm ready for that. He still take great naps in the crib and the girls have a hard time, since they are in the big beds, but I guess it is time. I'm proud of Luke. We are packing up all the diapers today and we will be done!! Yeah for us, it is so nice!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Luke my Big boy

Luke is now using the potty!!! It is so nice. Today was the first day, but he is ready I think. It has helped having the girls that he can use as an example. He really likes his underwear!! He is very proud of him self, and so am I. He even went poo on the potty, I was so happy. It has been a great day in my eyes. No more diapers for us!!!

Free Ice cream at dippin dots!!

Go to Dippin' Dots on Tuesday, May 20 and you can get a free cup of Birthday Cake flavored Dippin' Dots ice cream from 4 pm to closing. Not sure if there is a Dippin' Dots near you? Check their store finder, most locations are in a mall. I think that we might try and go. I want to try it out. Thought i would let you all know.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Reception

Jason cousin got married on May 3 and we went to the reception. It was beautiful, they did a great job decorating. Here are so of the pictures at the reception. It was cold, but the kids had a ton of fun seeing Nana, Papa, Brady, Amanda, and there new Favorite Kate. The kids have so much fun with Kate. Kate is Brady girlfriend (at least that is what I think they are- they could be dating I guess) Every time the kids are around Kate that is all they want to do is to play with her. They love her and always ask if she is going to be at Nana's house or not. I know the kids love her!!!

Jason is a stud

The other day the Geo tire was flat and Jason fixed it. I didn't even know that he knew how to do it. It works great!! Great job Jason!!!!

The Latest in the Life of Kristin

On Wednesday, I wanted to go to the library, but with the price of gas I didn't want to drive, so I thought that I would ride my bike pulling all three kids in the bike trailer. I would be able to save some gas money and I would be able to get my exercise all in one trip. Oh yeah, I was going to stop by Smith’ grocery store to pick up a few things as well. So I got all the kids ready and all the books we had to return. We were returning a total of 26 books to the library. I had most of them in my backpack and some of them in the pocket of the bike trailer and the other 6 on the bottom of the bike trailer. So we finally got all packed up and we were off. I was going slow I'm sure!!! But I was still doing it. We were on the bike trail by the Provo River and they have made a new path that goes under Geneva Road about 350 North in Provo. When I got to the underpass I could tell that there was a little bit of water in it, but I figure it was only a tiny bit and it would be ok to go under the bridge. Well boy was I wrong! Water ended going up to my knees and the bike trailer got so wet. Lacey got wet up to her chest, Lydia and Luke, were wet up to their waist. Oh, it made me a little upset! They kids were freaking out. I had to get out of the water I was wet up to my thighs because I had to move the bike and the trailer around in the water. When I got out--I hurried and got the books out of the trailer. I only got out 4 books till I got home and realized that there was 2 more swimming around in the bottom of the trailer. After the ride home there was still 3-4 inches of water in the bottom of the trailer. So when I got home I got all the kids changed, got them in the car and set off to the library with all my 26 books. Well, 6 got water damaged and now we have to pay 63 dollars. We are working with the city because I think that they should be responsible for the water in the tunnel. (Shouldn’t they have put a drain in the under pass so this would not happen?) So hopefully we will not have to pay the money. Here I was trying to save money, but it just ended up costing more money. I was going to post earlier about it, but I just couldn't--I was too upset When I was at the library I had a break down and was crying and I had to go sit on a bench and the kids were trying to figure out what was wrong, they keep asking why are you crying. I guess it was just too much for me to handle. Now hopefully I can laugh about it. Life happens doesn’t it!
I know that it is hard to tell in the pictures what is going on. If you look closely you can see the water and where the kids are wet up to. The last picture of the trailer has standing water in it after the ride back and the kids getting out. I had to dump out the water and there was a lot in it.

Kelly's Birthday

Before we went to Zion's Kelly had his birthday. Lacey helped me make a lemon cake that was so good. Here are so pictures of the event. Lacey was very proud of the cake. Lacey looked through the cookbook: cakes and cookies for beginners and she wanted to make the lemon cake. It was very easy and very good. Lacey enjoyed being the only one that helped. Luke and Lydia picked out other things to make, so they can all help with out each other. If you look at the last picture, the kids are helping kelly blow out the candles. They did a great job!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This last weekend we went to Zion National park. We had so much fun there. The kids loved camping and being together. My parents came with us, which was nice. We did lots of hikes and enjoyed being there. Jason loved it so much he wants to go back without the kids so he can do some harder hikes and hike in the narrows. I will stay home with the kids; I like to hike but not like that. The weather was just prefect while we were there. It didn't rain and it wasn't too hot or cold. It was great weather. The kids enjoyed the busses that took us around the park, because then they didn't have to be in there car seats. It was so nice and relaxing. The kids loved sleeping in the big bed next to each other. The first night they feel asleep so fast, but the next night, they were so happy to be sleeping next to each other they had a mini party. In one of the pictures Lacey is holding a caterpillar. They were all over our campsite, and she loved them. I don’t think they like her like she like them, because she seem to kill allot of them by pinching them when playing with them or holding them. She called them her Friends it was so cute. We took tons of pictures so I might post more later, but we will see. We recommend that everyone takes a trip there, because it is so beautiful and relaxing.