Friday, May 16, 2008

Kelly's Birthday

Before we went to Zion's Kelly had his birthday. Lacey helped me make a lemon cake that was so good. Here are so pictures of the event. Lacey was very proud of the cake. Lacey looked through the cookbook: cakes and cookies for beginners and she wanted to make the lemon cake. It was very easy and very good. Lacey enjoyed being the only one that helped. Luke and Lydia picked out other things to make, so they can all help with out each other. If you look at the last picture, the kids are helping kelly blow out the candles. They did a great job!!


Linda said...

That is quite the candle! Lacey you will have to make Grammy a cake! :)

Emily said...

You should try something out of the fancy pretty book I gave you for your birthday!

That is ONE. BIG. CANDLE!!!