Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yeah for LUKE!!!

Luke is doing great!! He has only had one accident and that was on Monday morning!! He is such a big boy. We went and did so shopping last night and he went on the a big potty at the store. I didn't think he would be he has done great. He is even dry through the night. He is ready for a toddler bed, but I don't know weather I'm ready for that. He still take great naps in the crib and the girls have a hard time, since they are in the big beds, but I guess it is time. I'm proud of Luke. We are packing up all the diapers today and we will be done!! Yeah for us, it is so nice!!


Linda said...

Yeah Luke and Mom! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Luke our big big boy, Yeah!!!, and thank you ( your parents are so happy and need a break from all those diapers right!!!! )
Yeah Luke is such a sweetie. Nana loves you so much.