Friday, April 27, 2007

Our fourth Anniversary

Jason and I celebrated our fourth anniversary yesterday. It was very nice! We had lots of fun. We started at Color Me Mine (a place where you get to paint some premade pottery and have it fired with whatever design you want on it). We painted this "I love you" mug and put some hearts and our initials on it. That was lots of fun, because it was something that we have never done before. Then we went to dinner at the Chef's Table, and sat in the tower room which overlooks Provo. Jason surprised me with flowers that he had bought earlier and taken to the restaurant to have placed on our table. He got a dozen "deep-red"roses and had them arranged with star-gazers. They looked and smelled amazing! We had a great dinner, the food was great. We had coconut shrimp and then I had Chicken marlsia and Jason had Sauteed Duck with this sauce. It was great. Jason loved the duck, it was his first time. Then we had the best raspberry cheesecake. It was to die for. It was a great night. I love him so much!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Park

Lacey is showing how independent she is getting.

Lydia is having fun on the swing.

We went to park yesterday because it was a beautiful day, it was 75 degrees and so pretty, and daddy was home from work! The kids loved running around and having freedom. Jason and the kids flew the Dora kite, and Lydia loved it. It was a prefect day to fly kites, not to windy. At the park there were beautiful tulips. There were tons of them, and it was very peaceful there. Lydia and Lacey loved going down the sides, Luke was just having fun watching a playing a little bit. Lydia had no fear and she went right up to the tall side right away and then Lacey followed. They had so much fun, and slept very well last night.

More Easter Pictures

Jason was home on Sunday so we were able to take some pictures of the kids in there Easter clothes. They look so cute!! They are growing up so fast!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The Easter bunny came to our house last night, a couple days late. The kids had a lot of fun with there Easter baskets. Lacey loved to carry hers around like a purse. Luke was so happy with his bat and ball, and Lydia loved her Dora kite, hopefully that it will be windy enough to use it today. Last night after the twins went down for bed, we color Easter eggs. Lydia had a great time with her dad. The Easter bunny hide the Easter eggs and the kids had fun finding them. They did such a great job in finding them, they all found some. On Sunday the girls had matching pink dresses and Luke looked so cute in his vest. He looks so grown up. The kids have been sick and now they are feeling better, so they are happy again, which makes it so nice for us.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Luke's 1st hair cut

Here is Luke's first hair cut. Luke was 17 months old. Jason said that we could finally cut his hair. He didn't like getting his hair cut at all, it was pretty hard to cut because he has such fine hair. Doesn't Luke look so cute with his new do? He looks so much older now. We love it!!

Picture of the Family

Here is a picture of us. Don't we look cute?

This picture was taken up in Provo Canyon September 2006.