Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Pictures

We went to protait inovation yesterday. The pictures turned out really good, except that Lacey would not smile. She was so happy then we walked back to the room to get our pictures taken and she freaked out. She was crying only wanted me to hold her, but then she got better, but she was determined not to smile. Which i was not happy about. I was mad, but what can you do. THat is the reason Lacey is not happy. here are the pictures injoy. I need to scan some of the pictures in so i will post more later. Sorry that some are sideways.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Van in the Garage

I’m so happy to tell you that Jason got the Garage all cleaned out and the van is now parked in the garage. It is so nice to go tell the kids to get in the car and they can just go in the garage and get in. Jason surprised me when I came home from Nursing orientation on Monday. Thanks so much Jason. I love you.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Halloween

For Halloween this year I made us all costumes from Peter Pan. Lydia was Wendy, Lacey - Tinker Bell, Luke - Peter Pan, Jason - Captain Hook and I was Tiger Lily the Indian princess. Sorry it has taken so long to get the pictures on the computer but we got a new camera and I didnt' know how to get the pictures on the computer. I thought that I could do it without Jason's help but it didn't happen. I was getting frustrated, but in the end I had to wait for Jason's help. It took forever because he has been sick for 2 weeks, thank goodness he is getting better!!! He had an ear infection and the first antibiotic didn't take care of the problem, so on Monday he started a new one and it is working great now!!

We had a very fun Halloween. We had a party at my In-laws' house the night before, so we got to dress up twice. The kids had fun, and it was fun to see everyone. Then on Halloween, Jason and I both had to work, but Jason ended up getting off at 4 instead of 7 and so he got to take the kids trick-or-treating. They had so much fun. I got off work early as well. I got off at 6:30 so I got to see the end of the trick-or-treating. The kids loved the candy!! We ended at my parents house for scones. It was great fun!! After we left my parents we went to Jason parents house for a little bit.

The funniest story: when we were getting ready to leave Nana's house, we found Luke and Lacey at the bottom of the stairs with the candy bowl dumped on the floor, and they were stuffing the candy down their shirts. It was so funny and cute. They didn't know whether they were going to be in trouble or not. It was great. It was all in the clothes!! When we stood them up, the candy fell out all over the floor. So much for that great idea!! We were trying to determine who the master-mind of this great heist was, and we think that it must have been Lacey. She is a little more adventurous than Lukey, who is more of a follower.