Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Pictures

We went to protait inovation yesterday. The pictures turned out really good, except that Lacey would not smile. She was so happy then we walked back to the room to get our pictures taken and she freaked out. She was crying only wanted me to hold her, but then she got better, but she was determined not to smile. Which i was not happy about. I was mad, but what can you do. THat is the reason Lacey is not happy. here are the pictures injoy. I need to scan some of the pictures in so i will post more later. Sorry that some are sideways.


Emily said...

Luke looks just like Jason now! He's a big boy!

When did you become a redhead!? You're supposed to be blonde! No copying me! LOL

Shelly Beth said...

Yeah! Family pics and your new hair style! I LOVE the hair. What do you/Jason think? I should get mine done sometime. We are taking family pics at JCPenny thins Saturday. I hope they turn out as good as yours did!

Amy Amann said...

Your pics look really good and I love your hair. We go on Monday to Portrait Inovations for Drew's pics. I hope thye are as good as yours!

jkump1 said...

I love your hair!

The pictures are beautiful, eventhough Lacey wouldn't smile...I feel your pain. Remember Landon and Blake at the family picture last fall?