Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The Easter bunny came to our house last night, a couple days late. The kids had a lot of fun with there Easter baskets. Lacey loved to carry hers around like a purse. Luke was so happy with his bat and ball, and Lydia loved her Dora kite, hopefully that it will be windy enough to use it today. Last night after the twins went down for bed, we color Easter eggs. Lydia had a great time with her dad. The Easter bunny hide the Easter eggs and the kids had fun finding them. They did such a great job in finding them, they all found some. On Sunday the girls had matching pink dresses and Luke looked so cute in his vest. He looks so grown up. The kids have been sick and now they are feeling better, so they are happy again, which makes it so nice for us.


Kristy said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun easter. I can't wait till Bell is old enough to know what is going on, and can enjoy the holidays. LOL. Your kids are adorable!! the twins are getting SO BIG!! Time flies....

Emily said...

I was going to say the SAME THING! Time flies! Wow! You were just getting married and now your kids... ALL of them are walking anf talking and hunting down the Easter bunny. I feel so sad :( . I wish I could come out and visit again. It's been SO LONG now!

My boyfriend and I ( same one 2.5years together now and no ring in sight of course) went to check out the new temple in Sacramento for fun. I've been dying to go because you can see the top of it poking out the tops of the trees when you drive down the freeway... it was pretty, but didn't compare to that CASTLE you got hitched in!

Love Emily