Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joseph's 10 months old

I can't believe our baby is 10 months old today!!! Wow how time goes so fast!!! At Joseph nine month and 23 day check up he weighted in at 19.03 pounds in the 17.28 % tile, 30.25 inches long in the 91.73 %tile and for his head circumference is 18.5 inches and is in the 86.01 % tile. I'm not sure if I believe that his head is that big, and neither did the doctor. Oh well it doesn't matter much anyways.

Joseph loves to eat!! He eats pretty much anything that you give him. He loves to feed himself. Sometimes when you give him food he spits it out and then puts it back in his mouth all by his self. He can feed himself cracker, cheerios, foot loops, banana, apples, or watermelon. He still is Nursing and we love that time together.

Joseph can pull himself up to things and walk around on them. He loves to crawl and get where he wants to go. He can go all the way up the stairs now. He knows that he is not suppose to go up them. Sometimes when he goes up the stair he will go half way and wait till and look at you to see if you are going to come get him. Funny boy!!

He loves the bathrooms. He loves to unroll the toilet paper and play in the toilet if you let him. (yucky) We try our best to keep them closed at all times so he doesn't get in there!!!

He LOVES to be outside. He sill stand at the screen when the other kids are out there playing and watch them. He loves to swing in his swing or just enjoys the grass or anything outside.

Joseph has found his voice! He loves to scream. I don't like this at all and we are working on not screaming! He talks alot of baby babble. He says dada, and is still working on mama, although I think that he has said it once.

Joseph has four teeth. The two bottom and the two top. The two top teeth are still coming in, they have broken through but are not all the way in. Joseph wears 12 months clothes for the length because he is a tall boy. Joseph wears sizes 3 diapers as well.

Joseph is not the best sleeper. We are faithfully working to correct this problem!! Right now he is taking his nap!! Yeah for us!! He has been asleep for a full hour, this is huge!!! Yeah for baby Joseph!!! All the other kids were great sleepers and I think part of that was because they were on a sleeping schedule so yes at 10 months old we are doing a sleeping schedule for Joseph. It has only been a few days but let hope it helps!!! I don't know why I haven't done this early but now I am.

Joseph can now roll from his back to his tummy! Dang it! I loved being able to put him on his back and know that he wasn't going anywhere!!! We called it Turtleing him. But while we were in St. George he finally figured it out. He is a big boy. He loves his freedom that this brings!!

Joseph can get where he wants to go so fast. He is mastering the art of crawling!! He is speedy. He can walk if you hold his hands. Although I'm not in a hurry for him to walk. I want him to stay a baby as long as he will let himself. He doesn't want to be a baby thou, he wants to be able to play with the big kids.

We love our Joseph so much!!! He is a sweet baby, and love him to pieces!!! He gives the best loves and is so good natured!! Love him!!

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Nan said...

I agree Joseph is such a good baby, He has the sweetest nature about him. I think all of your kids (my grand kids are the cutest funniest and sweetest kids in the world. I have the hardest time with comments, I have to put in tons of identity, it that what everyone has to do. It is frustrating, I want to comment more often, I love your Blog.