Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In loving memory of Lavette

Lavette has been apart of our family for a long time. She is such a good dog!! I will miss her lots. She has been a GREAT companion dog for my dad! She does great with all the little kids. But now it is time to say goodbye! I just said my goodbyes to her, my dad is taking her to be put down. She is very sick, and is not doing well. It was a hard decision that we made, but it is for the best. She will be missed alot. I love my little vetty.

I remember right after we got her she was just a little puppy she would sit in my lap and sleep while I read. So cute!! I will miss her!!!


Linda said...

We will totally miss her! She was such a good dog..

Love To Teach said...

She is missed. She is a great dog. It will be weird going to mom and dad and she not being there.