Saturday, January 9, 2010 update on Joseph

Joseph sitting on the stairs wearing the shirt that Amanda gave him. so cute!!

Joseph's first time eating food- sweet potatoes and he love it!! They are not the best pictures because Lydia took the pictures.

Life has been very crazy busy. It's starting to slow down now that Christmas and New Year's has come and gone. Someone has been patiently waiting for an update of our life so here it is......Well lets see where do I begin??

Joseph was sick for over a month and a half (he started getting sick over Thanksgiving and is better now), very sick on Christmas and that has been really rough. He went to the doctors three times, had an ear infection that wouldn't go away. finally when that went away with the second stronger antibotic he got a viral sore throat (like Strep) That is what he had at Christmas. We didn't get any sleep on Christmas eve becasue Joseph was not feeling well. He just wanted to be held and only certain ways. It was a rough few nights!! He had Tylenol around the clock and really high fevers. When we took him to the doctors his fever was 104. Now Joseph is finally getting better!!

Yeah, on our lastest trip to the doctor we learned that Joseph has a food allergy to something I'm eatting. Fun stuff. I'm pretty sure he doesn't like milk, and when I drink alot of it, he doesn't want to nurse becasue it hurts his tummy. I was drinking tons of milk with all the Santa cookies I was eating. Dang Santa cookies. Joseph is still gaining weight through all of this. He is up to 17 and half pounds. What a big boy.

On December 18th he cut his first tooth, and two days later he cut the second tooth. So now Joseph is a proud owner of two bottom teeth! Wow how time fly! Also Joseph has started eatting baby food. He eats rice cereal, carrots, sweet potatoes, cheerios. He loves bitter biscuits. He is a great eatter and loves to eat!!

Joseph can sit up and has been able to for about a month now. He rolls over when ever he wants to but only when he wants to . He scoots backwards all the time and gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth. It is only a matter of time before he starts crawling. He is growing up so fast! It is crazy!! He is 6 months on wednesday. I can't believe it! We just love our good natured happy boy!! We are starting to sign to him and I think he likes it. So do the other kids. they like signing to me what they want. It is very cute!! We are very happy to be sleeping again and very one is feeling better!!

In between all of Joseph sicknesses, I was doing a ton of sewing for Christmas presents. I was so happy when I got everything done!! Yeah for me!! I called it Kristin's little sweat shop. I'm sure the kids were so happy that I was done! They did so good!!


Emily Heizer said...

YAY! I am so glad I got my way and got you to update so I can see all my kids!!!

You know it would not be such a big job to update if you posted once a week instead of once a month!

But I promise not to tell the Easter Bunny on you... THIS time!

Shelly Beth said...

WOW! I feel for you. You and I should have called and kept each other company on Christmas Eve! I was at the hospital with Isabelle and up all night too! Joseph is growing so big! It just seems like yesterday that you were wishing and hoping you would go into labor early! And now he is cutting teeth and scooting backwards. What a big boy :)

Linda said...

Joseph is such a sweet boy and You and Jason are such good parents!! I love you!