Friday, December 11, 2009

My big kids!!

Last Thursday (December 3) I took Luke, Lacey, and Joseph to the doctors for there well vist. Joseph got shots while we were there. Joseph is doing great! He is getting so big! He weights 16.58 pounds and is in the 66.8% tile. He is 27.25 inches long and is in the 95.29 %tile and his head circumference is 17.1 and 67.5 %tile. He is growing so fast!! What a super cute boy!!

Lacey is 4 years and 2 months, weights 33.51 pounds and is in the 32.08% tile for her weight. Some how I lost the paper that tells how tall she is but she is over 50% tile I pretty sure. She is growing great as well. She didn't pass her visual test, so we have to take her to the Eye doctor to get them checked out. Also, Lacey has a heart murmur. We are just watching it for now and they will check it at her next check up. They ranked it a 2 out of 6. But other than that she is growing up great. She knows some of her letters and loves to learn! What a sweet girl.

Luke is 4 years and 2 months, weights 41.89 and is in the 85.48 %tile for his weight. He is 42 inches tall, and is in the 78.01 % tile. I was very happy with that because he is growing tall. Last year he was in the 65.55 % tile. yeah he is getting taller!! Luke is so very cute and he is a big help!! He loves being a boy and having fun with his sisters!! What a great boy!!


Linda said...

I love those smiling picture of Joseph!

Linda said...

I love the pictures of Joseph!

Shelly Beth said...

I thought Luke looked tall in one of your pics a while ago! I can't believe they are over 4 now! Holy crap, it makes us seem old :) LOL

Marcie Kump said...

They're all getting so big, and we haven't even met Joseph yet! We miss your super-cute kiddos!