Friday, December 11, 2009


Last night we went up to Salt Lake to see the lights. We had lots of fun being together! It was very COLD it was 20 degrees when we started and by the time we were done it was 15 degrees. All I can say is COLD!! It was fun, we walked fast! Joseph loved it so much. He was bundled up in his big snow suit plus blankets in the stroller and his cute hat. We tried to cover the stroller because it was so cold but he wouldn't have anything to do with that. He wanted to see the lights too! We rode tracks back to the car, (Lydia, Luke, Lacey and I did Jason walked to the car with the stroller and Joseph) He made it back to the car first. We had to wait for a while the train to come. I really liked this part because it was lots warmer in the train! We had brought with us hot chocolate and the kids really liked this!!

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Linda said...

You look good! I love that you did that with the kids! You are fun parents! Your kids will have some fun memories!