Saturday, June 30, 2007

No more binks!!!

Today, well this morning about midnight we got back from our great trip to California and decided it is time for the twins to have no more binks. I'm so glad that we had them for the car ride and stuff, but they are too big for them. They have had them at naps and bedtime only for the 6 months or so. They threw them away. Lacey did really well and she said bye bye bink and Luke cried and didn't want to throw it away. He loved it so much!! They had there first nap and they cried for 15 minutes or so and then they fell asleep. I hope tonight goes ok. I will keep you posted and post pictures of our trip.


the DeCampos Family said...

I can't say I have experienced this because my girls never took binky's!! Although I wish they did. You need to post picts of your trip to Cali!!! We are leaving for Disney tomorrow!!

Julie Jan said...

Hope all is still going well with that. That would be hard! Keep us posted on how it is going and I am dieing to see your Disney photos!!